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Renzo is an English Virtual Streamer. He exclusively makes content about gaming, typically in the MOBA or RPG genre, with the odd exception here and there. He will sometimes have friends join him for fun. He is impulsive, rash, and often makes mistakes. However, given the chance, he often will surprise people- and himself, by what he can do.

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Renzo is an odd vampire. His friends, family members, and the like always had dreams or aspirations of attaining a goal. Whether or not it was in math, physics, dancing, music, art, or any other hobby or profession. They always had motivation, had a goal. From childhood through high school, he never saw this as a problem, only when he awoke one day from his stupor; he saw the world differently. Graduation was upon him, yet he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. It seemed as if everyone else had already figured that out. It was as if he had been living life on autopilot. He tried what everyone else was doing, all the fads; nothing stuck though, it just wasn't him. One day, he watched a streamer, as he did every now and then in a daze. This streamer wasn't popular, they weren't flashy, they weren't funny, it was like watching the most average person imaginable. That was when it hit him; that being ordinary was fine. He need not be the next great thing. Just being him, even if it meant no fame or glory awaited him- was a fine enough reward on his own. Inspired, he vowed to work on himself. To one day become just like that streamer, he began his own channel. This is the beginning of that journey, ready to take the first step after many years of hard work; it starts now!

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