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oO_eyes is a Vtuber who plays video games live on Twitch with past episodes available on Youtube. He's doing this in part to work on social and performance anxiety issues, so the games he streams usually include more difficult ones that he plays for the first time or even goes in completely blind. Occasionally, he plays puzzle games collaboratively with his viewers who help him figure out solutions. The rest includes whatever games he feels like streaming. The oO is a just an emote, so his name is best read as just Eyes.

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oO_eyes is just a normal human trying to find his niche in the exotic VTuber world of catpeople, turnips, and other exotic characters. He usually travels this world in his real male form, even though he usually uses the power to enter other worlds in a female guise where available. It's rumored he can do so even in the VTuber world.

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