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Minerva Marie-Sagan



Minerva is the OG Spymaster of Hell. She is an English Indie VTuber, Composer & Aspiring Novelist based in Southeast Asia (ASEAN Region/Singaporean-Filipino), with high hopes of hitting the New York Times Bestseller list with her debut novel titled:

  • "The Masked Parapriestess (EN)" / "Kamen no Para'Miko (JP)"
  • Under the "Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces Novel Series"


Additionally, She has also released an expanded lore of herself in song format titled:

Expanded Lore:

  • She is the Spymaster of Hell in layman's terms.

Officially, she is designated as the High Commander of the Hellion Intelligence Agency (HIA), whose motto is: ”Ad Maiorem Omnium Hominum Libertatem.”

  • (For the Greater Freedom of All Mankind.)

Her followers regardless of species are designated as "Mercenaries":

  • Founders hold the rank of "Lord General"
  • 1st Gen/OG VIPs: "Lieutenant Colonel"
  • 2nd Gen VIPs: "Majors"
  • 3rd Gen VIPs: "Captains"
  • Tier 3 Subs: "Lieutenant Commanders"
  • Tier 2 Subs: "First Lieutenants"
  • Tier 1 Subs: "Second Lieutenants"
  • Mods: "Commissars"
  • Artists: "Propaganda Artists"
  • Donors: "Hellion Senate Lobbyists"
  • Any viewer in-line for VIP are placed in "Beachhead Platoon"
  • Raiders: "Allied PMC Reinforcements"
  • Hosters: "Proclaimers"
  • Bits are taken in the form of airdropped "MREs"

Each stream is therefore part of the great "Counter-Insurgency (COIN)" Operation against the Kingdom of Heaven; specifically Dante Alighieri's lies about the Hellion Empire's nine provinces being stacked on top of each other, and Angels of Hell having red skin and goat legs.

Outfit and Chassis Credits:

  • Head Accessories by Kuruka on Pixiv
  • v1.04 "DEBUT" Minerva: VRoid Studio (Heavily Modified Dark Shibu Base)
  • v1.10 "BETA/ROOT Minerva II": ロングコート, OFUJI STORE (BOOTH)
  • v2.04 "STRIKE Minerva II": YUHEI tactical collection "Forefront", YUHEI (BOOTH)
  • Spooktober 2021: VRoid Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Outfit, hirikara (BOOTH)
  • v0.04 "Strike Minerva ZERO": Reimagined by CY/ Milkydromeda (@C_Yukimaru)
  • OST v2.0 "Throneless x Voiceless (2022 Remaster)" by Anonymous Singer
  • Note: "ROOT & STRIKE Mk.1 were cosplayed pre-debut in 2019/20"
  • Lunar New Year: LUNAR Strike Minerva, cheongsam by weekend free (BOOTH)

Grand Milestones (2021-Q2):

  • Debuted: 20-May-2021 during an Any% VTuber Debut Speedrun Challenge
  • Modification began on: 6:00 pm 19-May-2021 (3 hours 19 minutes)

Grand Milestones (2021-Q3):

  • Voice Debuted: 06-Aug-2021; on Singapore's 56th National Day Weekend
  • THRONELESS I (Lore/OST): 29-Aug-2021; as part of another Any% SR
  • HIA Faction Logo Created: 03-Sep-2021; Lore Expansion mission
  • 50 FOLLOWER Milestone: 04-Sep-2021; HIA Sub-Faction formed; VIP Badges
  • Road to AFFILIATE: 27-Sep-2021; 127 hours or 2 months since Voice Debut

Grand Milestones (2021-Q4):

  • Phasmophobia Collab with MudanTV (pus EzzyDesu & LarkinGrey); 02-Nov-2021
  • 100 Subs on Main YT Channel: 24-Nov-2021; YT Short Salvo Operations
  • Worked with "certain parties" in a joint operation to "kill a false god's reputation"

Joint-Operations Milestones:

  • Halloween Phasmophobia Collab with MudanTV: 02-Nov-2021; w/EzzyDesu & Larkin_Grey

Grand Campaigns:

  • [ED] THRONELESS II (Original Lore Soundtrack/Song) Launched: 07-Jan-2022

Apex Legends Stats:

  • Season 9: Silver-??, Season 10: Gold-IV
  • Main(s): Bangalore, Fuse, Caustic, Pathfinder
  • Dislikes: Octane, Wraith, and Seer Mains
Lore Edit

Employed at the Hellion Intelligence Agency (HIA), in the Timeless Realm of the Afterlife where Mother Nature rules ever eternal, Minerva collects many forms of intelligence for data processing, condensed into easy-to-read reports for the Queen and Vice-Queen of Hell and the Inner Circles and Cabals.

Real name: "Minervai'El" holds the provisional rank(s) of:\

  • Wing-Master (Retired), Firstborn Flight, 1st Squadron of Old Heaven (1F-1S-OH)
  • High Commander of the Hellion Intelligence Agency (HIA-HIGHCOM)
  • Author of the HKSF Novel Series Group (HKSF-NSG-A)

She is a long-native citizen of the Nine United Provinces of the Hellion Empire and resides in the eighth province of Fraud, and is an ex-citizen of Old Heaven.

  • Motto: ”Nine Provinces, Two Queens, One Nation.”


  • PSYOPS Agent Dante Alighieri, Kingdom of Heaven Secret Services
  • Lord Major General Archangel Raphael Cherubim, 4th & 5th Armies of Heaven

Her resting-state is easily identifiable by her:

  • Long Blackcurrant Hair, Single branching golden horn
  • Elf-like ears with golden hoop earrings, Upside-down prune-colored floating crown

Other features include a:

  • T-shaped facepaint on her nose bridge with Freckles
  • Mole on the right of her mouth below her lower lip

Her current voice is strangely masculine, and rightfully so, to her own disgust, due to the damage sustained to her vocal cords during the Final Battle for the 2nd Generation of Mankind, in which she was throat-punched by the Archangel Raphael himself.

Despite surviving an over-matched duel, Minerva has never recovered ever since, even with the magical treatment from the greatest of healers across Hell and Purgatory; no human technology is currently able to mask her odd voice.

Her true voice and other forms are unknown due to her suspected talent in polymorphism and age. She is also able to hide her horns, elf-ears, and wings at will in order to blend into the local human populations she is deployed in.

She is a subsonic flier due to her preference for stealth and therefore is experienced at flying at supersonic speeds or supercruise like many Angels, Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

Minerva is so far the only known Vtuber in lore to own stocks in tech companies like:

  • Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google (Alphabet Inc)
  • Microsoft, NVIDIA, Adobe, Tesla
  • She also has a keen eye for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on Twitter

Add on(s): HISTORY Lesson (Lore/Epic Intro):

  • According to her Intro V2, Minerva was old enough to serve as a Corporal during the Angelican-Drakonian Wars, and thus practices extreme caution with Dragon VTubers.
  • She is also hinted to have served during the Civil Wars of Old Heaven; pre-Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Re: "EVIL VTUBER Intro Monologue TESTRUN Thumbnail":

  • Note: “420 Centuries ago, we lost 69 Billion humans in a blink of an eye"
  • is a meme-but-true on Gen.Shep’s speech from MW2

– It is a DIRECT REFERENCE to when Hell lost the Final Battle for the Soul of the 2nd Generation of Mankind–during this battle; The Nine United Provinces of the Hellion Empire, then allied with the Purgatory DMZ Republic, failed to prevent a massive planetwide flood by the Kingdom of Heaven that killed 99.7% of enhanced-humans who worshipped King Adam and Queen Eve.

  • This was also when Minerva sustained severe damage to her vocal cords in a 1v1 with the Archangel Gabriel. (As explained in the VShojo Audition Powerpoint)

Updates as of 15-Oct-2021 & 07-Dec-2022:

  • The release of THRONELESS X VOICELESS and thereafter, THRONELESS II further explains Minerva's dislike for the Hellion Throne and High Command, who allowed The Flood to happen to put Heaven's reputation in the Afterlife in the black, albeit at great moral cost.
  • Her real name is also supposedly "Minervai'El", albeit, she prefers not to use it anymore--a possibility that she has given up on Angelkind, as said in her "Epic Intro Sequence".
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