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Axel Syrios

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Axel Syrios is a male English Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive's branch HOLOSTARS English. He is a member of "TEMPUS" alongside Regis Altare, Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper. On 17 July 2022, hololive English Twitter account revealed various details regarding TEMPUS including their social media accounts and debut dates. Axel made his first tweet on this date and a small teaser video was uploaded on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel was created on 13 June 2022. On 23 July 2022, Axel debuted on YouTube. He likes: singing, sports (specially basketball), road trips and outgoing activities. Axel prefers cats over dogs. His favorite anime include: Evangelion, Elfen Lied, Serial Experiments Lain, Kaiji, Promised Neverland, Dr. Stone, Sword Art Online, Overlord, Toaru Kagaku, A Certain Magical Index, Slam Dunk and School Days. His favorite food and drinks are: ramen, yakiniku, fast-food, spicy food in general and choccy and strawberry milk. His favorite games: Final Fantasy series, NieR series, Granblue Fantasy, APEX Legends, NBA2K, Super Robot Taisen, Monster Hunter series, and any co-op survival games. Axel dislikes: bad smell, being sleepy, gloomy days, when cute girls dislike him, burning himself, bitting the side on his lips when eating some tasty food. He also dislikes these foods and drinks: tomatoes, mushrooms, shellfish, intestines and stuff.

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The chief of human resources in Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS. He is the owner of the combat arena, and a gladiator himself. He joined Tempus on a whim, only to take a real liking to it. Has always swiftly resolved any problems he has faced by sheer instinct, and thus considers himself somewhat of a doctor. “Doctors resolve the root cause of a problem, right? Well, I destroy it. So I am a doctor.”

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