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Magni Dezmond

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Magni Dezmond is a male English Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive's branch HOLOSTARS English. He is a member of "TEMPUS" alongside Regis Altare, Axel Syrios and Noir Vesper. Dezmond made his first tweet on this date and a small teaser video was uploaded on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel was created on 13 June 2022. On 22 July 2022, Dezmond debuted on YouTube. On 25 July, Dezmond reached 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His live tag, #MagginTime, is inspired from an It's Morbin Time meme created by the hololive community prior to his debut. However, Dezmond doesn't appear to be too fond of it.

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Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s publicist. He proclaims himself to be an alchemist, but nobody has ever seen him in action. Muddling the waters even further are his business ventures which take him all around Elysium. Nobody knows what his actual profession is.What does his “alchemy” even consist of… making potions? The type of person who stares right into the abyss.Rumors say he will do anything it takes to uncover the truth behind the world, and that he’s hiding a dark side to him. “Alchemists have the wonderful ability to grant people’s wishes!”

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