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Keiki Amai

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Keiki Amai (She/Her) is the Magical Girl Pâtissière VTuber. She makes content on Twitch and YouTube alongside her magical cat, Rampu (He/Him). Keiki's main language is English, but she does know quite a bit of Japanese as well. Keiki doesn't really have any main thing she focuses on and will alternate between gaming, chatting, and just having a fun time.

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Keiki Amai is the daughter of two world famous pastry chefs. Ever since she was a child, Keiki was trained by her parents to succeed the family business. However, Keiki found no passion in cooking her parents' recipes and would eventually develop her own methods, leading to much conflict with her parents.

During Keiki's final year of high school, she found a strange cat one day on her way home from school. Keiki took the cat home to care for it and went to buy some cat food. However, when she returned home, the cat had eaten every single cake in her kitchen!

The cat asked Keiki to feed him a cake made with love because all the cakes he had eaten so far were lacking emotion. Keiki prepared for the cat her specialty, the castella cake. Even though it was a very simple cake in comparison to her parents' recipes, Keiki has fond memories of the castella cake from her middle school years where she made her first friend because of it.

When the cake was finished, the cat immediately devoured it! With a satisfied belly, the cat yelled out "Contract complete!" and then Keiki's whole body began to glow pink. When the light dissipated, Keiki was wearing a very bizarre outfit. Needless to say, Keiki had become a magical girl, and this was the start of her story to save the world!

For a full version of Keiki's lore, please watch her debut stream presentation.

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