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Jade Callisto

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Jade Callisto is a dragon girl dancer Vtuber that loves to play RPGs and D&D! Jade is based on a mixture of Chinese, Middle-Eastern and Greek culture. They reference to Chinese Green Dragons, Traditional Belly Dancers and the Greek Goddess known as Callisto. She also does variety streams and always makes time for her viewers, so come join her for fun times and many interactive moments.~

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Jade was born a half dragon by her parents who were a young bard human male and a female dragon who was transformed into human form. However she was never raised by her parents and was abandoned at a young age as she was placed in a small orphanage as a newborn baby. For seven years Jade had been in that orphanage, raised to learn about the world by the Caregiver who taught the kids there. But at the same time Jade was the odd one out every single time for daily activities and had been relentlessly bullied by her peers just for existing. Eventually she had enough then ran away from the Orphanage, dressed in not very nice clothing as she ran as fast as she could with no idea where she was going. Eventually Jade felt like everything was hopeless as she got too far away from the Orphanage to locate it after her outburst.

Thankfully Jade was found on the road by a passing performance troupe named Callisto who saw the young half dragon all alone with no one to help her and no one to guide her. The Callisto Performance Troupe was already a big family of wanderers and outcasts so one more to the mix was no problem at all. Jade then was raised with them as part of their ever-growing family. As the years went by Jade learned many things from them such as how to sing, dance and cook. They provided her with clothing, shelter, food and the most important thing anyone would ask for Love. They cared very much about Jade and made sure she was raised right, in doing so they made sure if she ever grew up enough to want to set out on her own that she would know how to defend herself properly. Jade was taught martial arts along with the ability to heal. However Jade learned to adapt her love for dancing her martial arts, making them into her own style of Capoeira Martial Arts. Her healing ability which was often associated with magic tended to be mixed with her love for cooking food, as what better way to heal someone but with a hearty meal? That's not to say she couldn't heal without doing so, she just preferred it this way.

Eventually though Jade learned on her own of her Draconic abilities which she would use to their full extent much later on. After many years of her life in the Callisto Performance Troupe she took their name as her own last name in honor of them and because she had no idea what her real last name was. At the age of 21, Jade eventually set out on her own like her family thought she would. Jade didn't take very much with her but she had the support of her new family in her decision to leave as Jade now strives to become a famous dancer one day or at the very least make a name for herself. As time passed Jade adventured for a solid three years, traveling the world and performing at inns, taverns and the like. She was quickly taken a liking to because of her seductive like dance moves but at the same time no one tried to mess with her because she could fight back should they try to take advantage of her.

That is not to say she didn't try to seduce people into liking her either, if she meant for people to take notice of her beauty she would flaunt it because that was how confident she had become. Over these years, she not only became a well known performer, but also an accomplished adventurer who helped people and fought evil to protect others. At the age of 24 Jade eventually does wonder if she will ever settle down with someone, but then realized for now she just will enjoy her life of entertainment and adventuring, maybe flirt with a few cuties in the meantime too~ From here on out Jade Callisto aims to make the most of her life and to see where the flow of her journey will take her.

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