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Ito Akari is a English-speaking Vtuber who plays games in English and makes entertaining content while playing video games and doing challenges in the game, usually on hard mode but sometimes on the normal game mode, she never saves in the game she plays or does not take damage or no damage/hit run unless she lets chat know she is going it do something or not, she sometimes decides later on if she will do something but it is rare. Akari is a very fast-paced multitasking planned-ahead streamer, just do not ask her to speedrun, to her that's not fun. She uses a Live 2D Model but have Gif and png/Jpeg models if needed if the game is too demanding.

She's extremely amazing at doing challenges and chats to her chat while multitasking in the games she plays. Very rarely she will ask for help if even. She rather just talk to her chat and play the game, do the challenge run and etc.

She does curse like a sailor at herself if there's something that annoys her in the game and pokes fun oftentimes with whatever happens in the game but otherwise is the sweetest streamer you could ever watch and chat with.

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A young child-shapeshifting dragon girl who once wore a crown was taken forcefully away, and her kingdom was conquered and destroyed by the humans of the South, the ones who conquered all and slaughtered all, Dwellers of End also known as just Whispers due to their ways of attacking. Their Army of dark warriors and wizards and mages and assassins and warlocks and dark ritualistic healers were large in numbers. It didn't matter who they targeted, if it was on the way, then you were in their way. They took the child who was once a princess, now nothing but a former shell of who she once was. They took the lives of her family in front of her.

She was alone and on the verge of death, from the torture and beatings, they inflected and took her to the feeding pit.

A pit where all creatures and monsters were and only the foolish who dared to go down into. However, the monsters in this pit could not leave either and were stuck from ever leaving this place.

Only things can be dropped in, most things don't leave because they don't have a chance to. Dropped into the feeding pit she fell and they left, bones broken and life slowly leaving the place she landed was soft but not completely.

The drop felt short but she had been falling for a very long time, she landed on an ogre's belly. But it paid no mind to her, simply brushed her off. She fell off and landed in the mud. Tears welled up, and simply she was alone. No family, friends, nothing it was all gone. Somehow she cried to sleep and after some time something was moving slowly toward her, a creature known as a mimic.

This one though was different but still a very dangerous predator, for unexpected adventures and of course her in this situation. This creature was not in a chest, but running freely and looking at the creature there were so many mouths with sharp teeth protruding from it with red intense bloodshot eyes all over its body, a dark haze admitting from it. It was so dark, so twisted, and full of hunger and it disgusted the girl.

The smell of the creature made the poor girl gag slightly. It smelled of death and reminded her of gluttony, all eyes moved everywhere on the creature, snarling and cackling, drool protruding all over the place. It sharply looked at her with an intense look. The creature's mouths all started to twist in such an evil-looking smile then suddenly started to laugh more intensely. “Die” it spoke in a horrible gurgle of a sound. It then leaped while laughing at the young girl, she knew it was over but it was far from over.

The rose ribbon she wore was enchanted to keep her safe from any evil wishing to harm her. The creature started to disrupt before her eyes. It screamed suddenly and still tried to claw at her but the enchantment was stronger than it. The young girl felt rejuvenated and began to cry again but she also screamed at the monster trying to eat her. “STOP IT!” as loud as she could. The monster moved back and took a look at the girl, she looked like royalty. Maybe she could be of use. It moved back like liquid, this creature then said to the young girl in a broken tongue “Yes, fine, I stop.” it sounded somewhat kinder, and it apologized to her.

She was confused that it listened. Maybe the enchantment was powerful. Her mother did say to wear it at all times and she did as she was told. She could see that the creature backed off, it was now much smaller than it was before.

The mimic offered a way to heal the young girl, a true apology for trying to eat her. A merge but if this were to happen they both become whole, things would fully heal on her though. It assured her that it couldn't fully take over her. The enchantment would prevent that from happening.

If this thing did try anything funny she also knew what magic it was going to cast and what the effects were. She had no choice, and this was an opportunity to survive and escape death's grasp she would do it.

Both in agreement the mimic started to chant the dark magic to merge and while the chanting kept going they both slowly both started to merge together, the enchanted rose ribbon did protect the girl but now the mimic was infused with her and the mouths started to appear on her body, hands and everywhere, it snickered and now spoke in a clear tongue “See? I kept my word. Now let's leave this place.” She nodded and her body was fully healed as promised. She extended her wings and took flight, flying out of the pit. Reborn and giving them another chance, she wanted revenge but the mimic snarled and spoke “First child, first I need meat. Kill for me and I shall help you take revenge!” she agreed and found the nearest town. “Is animal meat okay?” It let out a hiss and rebottled “NO! I need flesh of man. Animals do not fill us! Humans, sweet meat. Need now.”

She stopped and replied “I can't kill another life! I am not a monster like you!” It laughed slightly, and while speaking its voice began to warp and distort “Foolishhh, we need the meat of man. We are cursed creatures and you are part of us now. You must feed us, you will feel the effects of “IT” soon. So eat flesh and fill the void of our gluttony.”

She shook her head and argue with the creature “They did nothing wrong!! Why must I shed blood of them who did not hurt me or my kind?!” The creature started to snarl and snap back at her. “Your Excuses!! You must survive with us!! This is the only way, once full we will go. I can't bare being empty much longer girl. It is taking everything I have from not going on a rampage. The pain of being empty is our curse. Don't you feel it too?!” She has not felt it yet or whatever this feeling was. However once she saw a human something changed. That feeling of hunger became so unbearable and hard to deal with. She knew she had to feed, this was her life now and the pain was way too much, so just like that the town was destroyed and the mimic was delighted and well fed.

It snickered with delight and yelped with joy and said to her in a delightful scary sounding tone "Girl, you filled us and we are now well and strong now, you feel no more pain yes? So unpleasant this is for you but we must survive. Your name child, who are you?" She was still and silent, had she really just killed everyone in this town for this unbearable gluttons urge? She was no better then it now. Now nothing mattered, but feeding and revenge. When the creature eats, she is full. So at least she never had to eat it herself.

"Akari." She replied.

It chuckled and grinned wickedly, "Well Akari, lets get to it then shall we?"

"Yes, lets, what do I call you?"

"Ito, for I am the string that binds you together."

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