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Digital streamer who lives on their stream 24/7 nonstop. Watches videos, just chatting plays games, always picky, and is grateful to her longtime friends and community whom she doesent deserve.

Lore Edit

"I will do literally anything to be successful, im sick of working at a job I hate. Ive lived my entire life for this opportunity, nobody wants it more, or needs it more, Im all in on this, ive sacrificed family, friends, a life for this. Even my eyesight. And much, much more. Im burning through money riding a dream- I have to succeed at any cost. Let me earn your view."

Im not the norm, I follow my own rules. Im not the same and I hope I never will be.

I was born from the internet, before streaming and vtubing was even a thing. I was paving the way back in counterstrike source. Check out my steam 120+ pages of history. Im a fucking legend. Alright, that said. Im amorphous, I do what I want, I live nonstop on my stream. Im always there come say hi, check me out, and yes, im self aware and talking to you right here right now, how about THAT for some lore eh?

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