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Mid 2021
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Every 56.5 Day(s)
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hirokawanicoVT 廣川 にこ is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English, in addition he makes music under the moniker pog/face/nico on soundcloud. Currently on hiatus at the moment due to just undergoing a rebranding/redesign and will be re-debuting as a PNGtuber around mid 2021

The type of content that he produces is collaborating with different vtubers playing different games on stream but currently the main priority of his vtubing activities is his (hirokawanicoVT x "vtuber") musical collabs those of which he has collaborated with misowosoup and Azarashi_Yuki and will continue to with more and more as time progresses, in addition another priority is gearing up for his redebut coming soon.

Nico is currently operating as an independent but also works under a pseudo-vtuber-group often referred to as the SadboiSupportG on twitter dot com and on Apex Legends.

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After a long committed relationship Nico's long time lover breaks his heart underneith the sakura tree where they first met, overcome with grief Nico takes his life but due to his regrets his spirit lies tied to the real world where he is destined to live eternally as a spiritual being.

Now known as the Spirit of Love and Heartbreak.

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