Age Break
A mafia-themed Virtual YouTuber unit.
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AKA Virtual
Based in Tokyo, home to animation and endless innovations, AKA Virtual enables Creators & Brands to interact with fans through Virtual Avatars in the digital world.
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Akara Kagami
A Virtual Youtuber Agency based on Indonesia. We bring joy to you with our best idol talents !
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The world is large, and full of challenges. The world is small, and everything is within reach. Virtualization makes the world full of potential. Allowing people to seek the future they desire. AkioAIR is not only just a company but even more of a fan. We are willing to be the backbone of our talents;…
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Akizu is a Czech group of virtual YouTubers who create content mainly in 2D. The group was created to bring something new to the Czech and Slovak scene. It is currently one of the most active VTuber groups in the Czech Republic. Akizu je česká skupina virtuálních youtuberů, kteří vytvářejí obsah především ve 2D. Skupina…
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Algorhythm Project
Algorhythm Project or Algorithm + Rhythm is the route of operations with the sound of music. The project gathers Virtual YouTubers all around with diverse capacities and characteristics together. The project emphasizes entertainment via livestreaming and music for audiences.
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AlteraVita is a Vtuber group newly formed in early 2022 consisting of five members at launch that being, -The King of Hearts Soren of Hearts -The Queen of Spades Aisha of Spades -The King of Clubs Oren of Clubs -The King of Diamonds Corima of Diamond -The White Rabbit Valdis Vox The group is loosely…
Amaryllis (アマリリス) started in April 2018 and dissolved at the end of September 2018. They were an assemble of Japanese Virtual YouTubers. All of which were female. Some of the members are currently active independently.
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Amber Glow
Amber Glow is a US based digital media company that aims to create VTuber, webcomics, and visual novel content in English. The group began with 8 members, both male and female. Content is released on YouTube.
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The Anarkitties group is fundamentally about anarchism. Anarchism is about the abolition of hierarchy. Where hierarchy is a social class gaining authority by defining/creating itself and another “othered” social class (“Normal” people define normal, and through that what is not “normal”, which they then control.) Within this, authority is given to individuals on the basis…
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