AXEL-V (アクセルブイ) is a Japanese group of VTubers.
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Balus (バルス Barusu) started in 2018 as an active agency for virtual YouTubers. They are based in Tokyo. They are also referred to as Balus Co., Ltd. (バルス株式会社 Barusu Kabushiki Gaisha).
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BANs is a group of Virtual YouTubers consisting of a couple of active members. They are connected in the sense that they have been — or are very likely to be — banned from YouTube or other channels for their content.
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Bijou Live
Bijou Live is a ENVtuber group consisting of 10 soft, pastel gems. All of the members have a pastel colour scheme and that's what ties them together! They are a bunch of 10 goofballs, just having fun as a group.
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Brave Group
Brave Group was formed in 2017 and focuses on making animated content. They are very known for being the producers and managers of the Game Club Project. They were formerly Unlimited Inc. (株式会社Unlimited Kabushiki Gaisha Unlimited).
Busokanojo (武装彼女) was a group of Japanese Virtual YouTubers (formed March 2020) that focused on gaming content. Its sister (who are referred to as "brother") group is Kidouenbu, with males instead of females.
café seiso
café seiso is a resource group for Virtual YouTubers.
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Cafeistas is a collection of VTubers who just want to have fun. Everyone is welcome as it’s an open group for anyone no matter age, race, sexuality, debut status, or model type. It’s a close community now with 10+ members and they continue to grow daily.
Charan-poran Tai
Charan-poran Tai (ちゃらんぽらん隊) was a group of Virtual YouTubers in Japan. Their content was mainly with 3D models.
Circlemiran (サークルみらん saarkurumiran) was a Virtual YouTuber agency that closed down in September 2018.
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