Angsty Aussies
Angsty Aussies is a duo of Anxiety filled Australian Vtubers: CephVT and TheLadyFuyu, who tend to use a car-related theme, as one would "take the wheel" and the other would "ride shotgun" with games, and, on occasion with guests, take the "Angst Bus" for a ride.
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AniMare (あにまーれ) is an active group of virtual YouTubers. They are an umbrella of the agency 774 inc. The group is also referred to as The AniMare Cafe (有閑喫茶あにまーれ yuukan kissa animaare). The group was formed in June 2018 where they collaborated with the agency upd8.
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ARGOS Virtual
ARGOS virtual is a group of independent VTube streamers who're dedicated to making fun content. All members stream on their respective Twitch channels. There are currently 8 members, divided into two "waves" of 4 members each. ARGOS Virtual was started by the two co-founders Leo Reil and Zia Canis. ARGOS's catchphrase is "All eyes on…
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Arkaneia is an Event Organizer handles online events specializing in managing and organizing esports events. Arkaneia has created their very own VTuber Agency with the vision of giving their talents complete freedom & benefits ranging from legal, PR, sponsors, opportunities, social media expansion and a positive environment. Based in the Philippines
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ArkNET has a variety of projects where they create content released on YouTube, including Virtual YouTube content.
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AsobiLive (公式アカウント, Asobi Live) is a Japanese VTuber agency that began operations in late 2019. It currently has 2 members in gen 0, 1 member in gen 1, 2 members in gen 2, 1 music-focused member, 2 members in gen 3 and 2 upcoming members. So far the company has focused on streamers though there…
ASPIRA Project
A Virtual Liver and Content Creator group with the aim of "Aspiring and Inspiring".
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Atelier Live
Atelier Live, also known as AtoLive (アトライブ) is a non-corporate collection of Independent VTubers which has a broad range of entertaining members. Their official community discord is known as the Atolive Official Maid Cafe and their official group twitter and Twitch are called AtelierLive. (Source: Virtual YouTuber Wiki)
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AuroraLiveVR is the largest VTuber project in China with nearly 200 active VTubers and over 10 million followers. Our characters are designed in various styles, most famous for Chinoiserie's costumes. And we have the innovative Live2D model art and rigging team in Asia, producing virtual characters for 1000+ VTubers.
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AXEL-V (アクセルブイ) is a Japanese group of VTubers.
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