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A Foodie Ramen Fox that plays alotta stuff! He warps through space, wields magic, and zooms around the place! Sometimes, his friends also come along for the ride, and they adventure and builds things together, having fun along the way!

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A fox that discovered the joys of ramen after finding a bowl of ramen abandoned in an alley.

After tasting the good good, he went on a journey to learn how to cook various types of food, ranging from soups, all the way to desserts.

He initially started sailing around with other people on their ships, and became a trader of resources in the Atlas. Wanting to share his experiences with others, he turned to twitch, and started broadcasting himself

Eventually, he came across other animals that were like him; curious about the world, and aware of themselves as animals. There, he forged friendships, and started also broadcasting his adventures with them, to share with the world his joy in finding like-minded friends.

For some time, he also dabbled in some technology with his friends, and kitted himself out with various augmentations, that supposedly helped him in his cooking. (but what it did, is just make him bluescreen and cause long loading times on thinking)

Even now, he is constantly on the lookout for new things to cook, and ingredients to cook them with, experimenting with some too.

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