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Akantia is a female VStreamer who uses twitch to play games for an audience. Can usually be found playing rpg's though does insist on streaming nothing but horror games for the month of October!

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The life of a voiceless formless spirit is a quiet one, they can watch the world but cannot interact with it. They cannot even interact with one another, such was the way of one lonely spirit.

For a time she was patient, the one perfect thing that could give her life would surely come along one way or another. And so she watched others become part of the world, their joy at finally being alive. Slowly despair set in and the lonely spirit debated on just grabbing one of the many new creations that was always popping up. But at the last moment the spirit found she couldn't bear to rip the chance at life away from another. So she stepped back and let the one who truly loved the new thing begin their life.

After several failed attempts the spirit merely gave up and just stopped trying, she simply stopped caring and watched the world go by. The cycle of day and night going by endlessly as she stayed in one place perfectly still. Until one day she finally began to move again, drawn back by something she had no explanation for.

Her eyes landed on a drink and it hit her, she had finally found what was meant to be. With her entire being singing she reached out and took form, air flowing into her lungs for the very first time

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