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WakuWakuLive is a group of VTubers who stream in English and other languages. The group has six members who are often seen together doing collaborations.

The current members are:

• Rippu Hoshimi
• Purin, formerly known as YorikoTanuki
• SkySquare, also known as Axolotters
• Nimrue
• Smoki Taiga
• Laiko Melon (currently inactive)

Find them on Twitch/Youtube below!
Rippu: https://twitch.tv/rippukun and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCogErfm7l20Z28kx1WpXwOw

Purin: https://twitch.tv/Purin_VT

Sky: https://twitch.tv/axolotters

Nimrue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_dmYJGm7kKThUVC3eiQL4Q

Smoki: https://twitch.tv/SmokiTaiga

Laiko: https://twitch.tv/Laikomelon

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Apr 20, 2022rippu
Mar 19, 2022rippu
Mar 14, 2022rippu
Mar 12, 2022rippu
Mar 5, 2022rippu
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