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Bri is a 21 year old bunny VStreamer, often described as the "swear bunny." She makes content in English, and often does Just Chatting streams where she talks with her chat. She is loud, high energy, and often chaotic.

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The sweet scent of cookie dough wafted through the air, the wind blowing softly against the stagnant air. Windchimes chirped softly in the morning breeze. A soft, angelic humming noise came from the cookie fields, where Sugar and her wife Flour were tending to their cookie plants. As Sugar was tending to the oatmeal raisins, she heard the snap of a chocolate chip plant. She rushed over, looking at the empty stem worriedly. A rustling noise came from the gingersnaps. Sugar gently pushed the cookie stems to the side. Nestled between the gingersnaps and the shortbreads was a small child, nothing like the children the cookie wives had ever seen. “Flour!” Sugar called, worry coating her words. Her wife hurried to her side, looking down at the little bunny girl before them. “She’s…. not a cookie?” The bunny child munched on a chocolate chip cookie, looking up at the cookie wives with big innocent eyes. Sugar carefully lifted the child up. Having finished her cookie, the bunny girl looked at Sugar. A bracelet adorned the child’s wrist, the letters of it simply reading “Bri.”


Bri grew up as any normal child in Cookiebox did; she attended school, she helped her mothers tend to their fields, and she grew more and more curious about the world outside of her cookie town. She knew she wasn’t from this little village, even if the townspeople accepted her as one of their own. She read books about faraway empires and dreamed of one day visiting Caketown and trying a delicious, rich chocolate cake. Cookiebox didn’t have any cake, or really anything to eat besides cookies, and although Bri would always love her homegrown chocolate chip cookies, she dreamed of travelling the world and tasting the wonderful dishes it had to offer. She began looking for a way to travel to Caketown. She was told to look it up on something called the “Internet.” So she travelled through village after village until she found the coveted land of online cookies. She began her search and stumbled upon a wonderful site. Her nose twitched at the sight of it, and she knew she had to explore it further. Her dream of one day tasting the beautiful delicacy of cake would have to wait, for something bigger called to her.

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