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Purin is a raccoon who loves to draw! He also makes animations and does gaming

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Name: Purin

Species: Raccoon

Pronouns: Genderfluid. Any pronouns, prefer he and they

Image color: light blue #CDEAFF

Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, playing instruments (kalimba and piano)


(Fluent) Dutch & English

(Learning or interested in) French, German, Japanese and Spanish

Food: Chocolate, donuts, just any Mexican food and noodles

Song: Changes regulary, into Jpop, Kpop, 80s, Indie punk rock, jazz, electronisc music and anything by their fave artists

Bands or artists:

Lovejoy, QueenBee, BeetleBug, CG5, Jack Stauber, Luvbird, Qumu, C418, Toby Fox

Color: Pastel Red and his image color, light blue

Animals: Tanuki's or raccoons

Instrument: Kalimba and piano

Sport: Fitness and they love watching figure skating

Purin is in quite a lot fandoms. Below is a little list of them, he loves talking to people about her interests!

Minecraft Youtubers, Dream SMP, Five Nights at Freddy's, Overwatch, Digital Art, Anime, Vtubers, HoloLive, Cartoons, Music, Valorant, Animation (gets updated)

Height: 169 cm or ~5'5 ft

Weight: 50-55 kg

Birthday: 2th of october

Zodiac: Libra

Charmpoint: everything

School: Still in school and will tell stream about interesting stories that happen at school.

Friends: Rippu and many other Vtubers!

Relationship: She isn't in a relationship atm

Family: Unknown

Sexuality: Bisexual

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