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Rippu is a Virtual Streamer who usually streams four times a week. They are also an artist, gamer and musician. Rippu is mostly known by their stupid comments, horrible gameplay and cute art. They often have a "drunk" vibe around them as well. They are an ghost astronaut. Their birthday is on 26th of May, their height is 144cm (4'7''), and has a small bust(and often gets bullied because of it). Their zodiac is Gemini.

Lore Edit

Rippu used to be a human child, growing up living a boring life; but with a golden opportunity they we're able to join in on a mission in space, and fell in love with the endless planets and stars. Starting from there they flew through time and space hoping to find new exciting things.

Sadly enough on one of Rippu's adventures in space, there was a mistake with the engine, and they crashed into a planet which ended up in them being stuck there. Trying so hard to contact back to earth to get back to civiliazation, they accidently came across platforms on the internet, and though becoming popular enough would make the people remember that they are stuck in space!

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