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Euphemia Moon

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Euphemia is a female virtual streamer who streams in English. She mostly streams horror games but also branches out to play other genres of games! Euphemia goes live on Twitch but uploads her VODS to YouTube. She loves talking to chat and interacting with fans. She is a ghost so her age is unknown but her birthday is July 14th. Her zodiac sign is cancer. She pronounces her name as yoo·fee·mee·uh.

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Euphemia is a ghost but does not remember how she got this way. She likes to imagine that she used to be a princess in a far away land or even an idol that sang across the world (even though she's not a good singer). Or sometimes even a cat that would be nice to her too. All she knows is of her current ghost self. She lives in a spooky manor with an array of other different spirits. She loves spooky things but is actually a big baby when it comes to actual scary things like the dark and bugs. Being a ghost gives her lots of time to do the things she loves which is keeping up with the living through streams! She gets lonely up in her spooky mansion so interacting with people cheers her right up. Besides streaming Euphy loves lolita fashion and of course, candles. So light a candle and summon Euphemia for a delightful stream!

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