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Eirene is a female Virtual Youtuber who makes content in English. She streams primarily on Twitch, and uploads covers, clips, and the occasional stream to YouTube. She streams a variety of games, as well as Just Chatting and ASMR. Her fans are known as "strawbabies".

Her personality is very kind and sweet, as is fitting of her strawberry fairy design. She is warm and welcoming, as she tries to make her streams a place where people can feel safe and hang out. However, there's a rumor that Eirene has a dark side, named Akumarin...

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On an eventful day, specs of fairy dust sprinkled on a tiny little strawberry in the garden. From that little fruit, appeared a girl with long, red hair... and a pair of wings.

She was told to continue taking care of the strawberry garden; she was told that the crops grow healthier every time she sang to them, and so she did.

"You are Healing Melody."

Still new to technology and the gamer world, you’ll often find Eirene flailing around in her streams but trust us, she’s trying her best!

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