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senpaihinotama is an 18 year old variety streamer who streams on Twitch full-time. Due to senpaihinotama having Fibromyalgia, senpaihinotama cannot work any other jobs. Jobs other then Twitch that demands specific hours each day tires senpaihinotama. This also makes senpaihinotama's body hurt even worse. Senpaihinotama's goal is to build a community to where everyone can come in, relax, vent about their problems, and be happy!

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Senpaihinotama is a panda boy who got tired of just eating bamboo alone all day... So senpaihinotama became a streamer thus getting rid of the loneliness he felt while eating bamboo. Now senpaihinotama streams games, eats bamboo, and is no longer lonely.

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