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Dream is a Spider-Angel hybrid from the sea-side town of Bay Laurel. She runs the small inn Scant Blues. Whom is now a meme cat-girl due to unknown circumstances.

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In a trader town called Bay Laurel resides the beautiful Dream, an inn keeper for the Scant Blues. Dream was born from illegitamate relations from her father, a pure blooded angel, and her mother, a lowly spider maid. Her father abandoned her before she was born, and her mother has since passed away. Dream stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall with an angel head wing from her father, long sharp spider legs with ethereal pink spikes at the tips from her mother, and with a slightly toned physique. Despite being Lax and sometimes fool-hearty, she also sports a very overzealous nature and loves pursuing artistic endeavors. Dream spends much of her time running the rather bustling inn, often overworking herself to the point of collapsing due to overexertion from both physical and mental strain, which causes her to sometimes take extended breaks to recuperate. She can be seen sporting a light pastel purple dress that fades to a vibrant cyan towards the bottom, and a beautiful strong orange tan, due to the bright rays from the sun and windburn caused by the higher elevation for the plains in Bay Laurel.

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