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Dely (They/Them) is a British Goblin VStreamer. They stream a variety of games and community events! Interests include cooking, voice acting, video editing, anime, and gaming!

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Dely is a Goblin adventurer, rogue, thief, and tavern-rat! True to their Goblin nature, they love nothing more than to skull a few grogs, lighten a few pockets, and cause mischief through their adventures!

When they were younger, any time Dely would ask their mother who their father was, she would always give a different answer. Fitting, as each answer could have very well been correct. But one time, she jested and told Dely their father was a dragon. Dely was intrigued, unknowing of what a dragon was! Upon insisting her to elaborate, Dely’s mother told them stories of the mighty, ancient dragons: giant winged beasts that could breathe fire from their maw, and sat upon hoards of riches and treasures.

Being at least half-Goblin, the last detail was most interesting. They were captivated, and couldn’t help but express their awe. From then on, every time Dely asked who their father was, their mother would always say, “He was a dragon,” and she would tell them stories of their father, the mighty wyvern.

Nowadays, in their heart, Dely recognises the likelihood of their dad actually being a dragon isn't very high. Regardless, they still venture in hopes to meet a dragon one day, as a way to connect to their heritage and perhaps one day find their dad.

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