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Dely (They/Them) is a British Goblin VStreamer. They stream a variety of games and community events! Interests include cooking, voice acting, video editing, anime, and gaming!

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Dely is a travelling Goblin rogue with an insatiable thirst for adventure, mischief, and treasure. As a true Goblin, they take pleasure in downing grogs, pilfering purses, and using their sharp wit and agile physique to navigate through perilous situations. With a stash of daggers hidden throughout their attire, they're always prepared for a fight, using their small stature to their advantage.

Dely's upbringing was tough, growing up with their mother in the slums of a city. Despite their struggles, Dely's mother did everything she could to take care of them, even if it meant resorting to stealing and bartering to get by. Dely never knew their father, and their mother never spoke of him or the kind of person he was. Despite this, Dely held onto hope that they might one day meet him.

With a natural talent for thievery and quick thinking, Dely took to the life of a rogue and embarked on a journey across the land, taking on various contracts, delving into many dungeons, and earning a reputation for their skills in acquiring treasure. Over time, Dely developed a fascination with stories of dragons.

Dely became obsessed with the idea of finding a dragon's hoard of gold and riches, desiring to one day claim the treasure for themselves. Despite the dangers that lay ahead, Dely was determined to face the beast guarding the treasure, whether it meant taming the dragon, slaying it, or die trying. But nothing could deter them from their quest, their determination will not waver!

Dely's desire to find a dragon's hoard of gold and riches was perhaps more than just a quest for material wealth, or glory of slaying or taming a dragon. It was also a personal journey of self-discovery, as they sought to uncover the truth about their father and the kind of man he was. Perhaps Dely hoped that by finding the treasure, they would also find a connection to their father, and a sense of closure and understanding. Not just with their father, but also within themselves, and who they are.

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