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DeclanAndTheBear is a male English-speaking Vtuber. He broadcasts hunting and FPS games as well as variety streams alongside his companion pet, Bear the bear. Declan officially debuted on Aug 24, 2022.

Declan Hardt is a dubious pulp fiction protagonist that is known by his readers for his larger-than-life adventures and feats of great huntsmanship. While always cordial to his guests, he's prone to streaks of antagonism and light-hearted bullying. Despite being depicted as a “Romance Icon” in his magazine series, he has a fear of any woman who makes an advance towards him. Declan prefers primal hunting methods. However, when forced to take up a rifle he prefers what is known as a "double rifle." (Commonly mistaken for a shotgun due to its design but is usually chambered in large hunting calibers.) He enjoys sharing information to inquisitive minds, and is prone to educational lectures on matters of nature and hunting.

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Declan's origin story is currently unpublished. The only thing about his history currently known to the public are stories from the large number of scars he sports over his body: These range from shark bites, to lion maulings, and what he claims to be the worst of them “The Venezuelan Duck Mauling.”


■ Declan's Oshi mark is the compass emoji.

■ His catchphrase is "I aim to please, but I shoot to kill."

■ His favorite food is Yeti Steak, and his favorite drink is root beer.

■ Declan genuinely believes that vegetables are poisonous and not fit for human consumption.

■ Declan also genuinely believes single-handedly driving a species to extinction can still be labeled a “Conservation effort.”

■ When asked about his beliefs in the supernatural, or the existence of cryptids, he stated “They do exist, at least 'til I get my hands on them.”

■ Declan has an instinctive hatred for technology. He was open-minded enough to befriend a robot despite this, but is still driven to make every interaction with it insufferable.

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