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Toraphiee is an English 3 eyed demon princess vtuber variety streamer and artist with a passion for drawing demon girls in lingerie. Tora also enjoys playing games however she hasnt picked her favourtie category so likes to play a bit of everything. She calls her fans Mochi because it is her favourite snack and thinks her people are just as sweet. She enjoys Vtubing because she can connect to people, make new friends and hang out.

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On the eve of Toras 21st birthday her divine vision awakened (power of her third eye) she could suddenly see into another world where there were lots of different people then she was used to they didnt have horns or wings. The people seemed to be having fun. Tora was shocked to see this other world, nothing like she's ever seen before, she was very intrigued about this place called Vearth and wanted to learn more but was scared that the people of Vearth wouldn't accept her, so she would just watch from afar. Tora soon developed the ability to use her divine vision to teleport to Vearth. She was terrified of being seen and the locals thinking that she was a freak so she would only go to vearth in the dead of night and observe from afar. Tora soon realized that the people of Vearth where obsessed with this thing called the internet. Tora decided that she had to have the internet, so in the wake of the night she stole something called a gaming pc which appeared to be a popular apparatus for using the internet. She brought the gaming pc home and searched how to make friends, Using the internet she opened her eyes to Vearths pop culture and became obsessed with anime and video games. Amongst her searches she discovered the world of Vtubing and thought it would give her the opportunity to make friends and learn about the people on Vearth. Tora decided she would become a Vtuber, she was scared that the people of Vearth wouldnt accept her as she is so Tora decided that she would pretend to be “Toraphiee Demon Princess of The Downstairs”, while that was her true identity and who she was, she thought it would be better off if the people thought she was a normal person pretending to be a demon princess.

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