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Captain Beatrix (Becky) Harmonia is a bee pirate on the search for her stolen wings.

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Beatrix Harmonia lived a life of luxury. The eldest daughter of the Harmonia Hive royal family, she was always destined to lead as a queen bee. She was raised ready for this, being trained in how to rule over people, and defend herself if needed. But she wanted more than a life trapped within the beehive, and would often sneak out and adventure. On one of these adventures, she met a wasp, Tanaka, who convinced her to leave the hive forever with him. Head over heels for him and the promise of the life she dreamed of, she did just that. The moment the two got far enough from the hive, she was drugged. She awoke on a pirate ship, sold by Tanaka for the crew to use as ransom money. The crafty wasp had beforehand stolen her wings though for extra money. Bee felt at first humiliated losing her wings. But her anger fueled her. She escaped the brig she was held prisoner in, and stealing a gun and sword, single handedly assassinated and slaughtered the entire crew. Storming the captain's quarters, she got the information she needed from the captain on where Tanaka had fled, and killed him. But now what was she to do? She couldn’t go back to the hive. With her wings gone, all her credibility as a royal bee was gone. And she had a ship for herself now… the life she had wanted was finally in her grasp. Donning the captain's hat and jacket, she took the ship for herself, renaming it the Honey Hellfish. Now she sails the seas in the search for her wings and revenge. She streams her adventures in the meantime, her followers joining her pirate crew so she is strong enough to take back what is rightfully hers.

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