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Bigdog is a a Vtuber that streams part time as well as posts YouTube videos, sometimes related to streams. They are genderfluid and use the alias Bigdog when the go by he/him or they/them pronouns but when they use she/her pronouns she'll go by Hazel. The masculine model is a grey Tibetan mastiff. A female model, that is still in the works, will be a cream colored version with more feminine features.

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After fleeing his home planet after being exiled do to a civil war, BIgdog drifted in spice for a while before finally crashing on earth in the country of Tibet. There he saw a Tibetan mastiff fight off a pack of wolves, so to hide himself but still look intimidating, they used their species' ability to shapeshift into the grey/cream Tibetan Mastiff form that we see today.

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