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Aristhetically Ari

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Ari Ninomiya or just Ari is a non-binary cat bunny hybrid vstreamer who makes content in English. They are a variety streamer generally stream gaming content such as JRPGs or MMOs. More recently they have branched out into various other genres. Bunny puns are a thing. becomes a cat during the summer. Please nerf.

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A cat-bunny-human hybrid from the near future, Ari is dissatisfied how negative media is and intends to fight the negative broadcasts with good vibes of their own; a bunnypunk if you will They want to make money for their sister's treatment but sadly it's harder than it looks. They live in an apartment in a rundown city and broadcasts their streams on a pirate network set up in their room. After months of success, they end up making a virtual haven inside a pirated server run off a coffee maker, The Haven Network. The network also has the ability to create rabbit holes into various dimensions. They can be usually found on the rooftops of some buildings listening to lofi or something, streaming their content via the Bnuuy VR headset and drinking a coffee or an energy drink. though they live in a a gritty city, their virtual space is quite cute, leaning on the cute aesthetics. Usually accompanied by a sentient Ai in the form of a cute axolotl. This rabbit leads people down a rabbit hole to better content full of bnuuy!

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