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Alicia Shin’en

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Alicia Shin'en is a deep ocean kraken VTuber who provides English content to viewers. She mostly streams platformer and RPG games, and provides a comfy, warm atmosphere for her viewers. She likes games such as Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy, Nier and Pokemon. She doesn't get on too well with First Person Shooters - especially fast paced ones, however wants to get better at them.

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Mythology and legends are not always untrue. Deep within the dark abyss of the ocean, a Kraken roamed. Day by day, week by week, year by year, she lived within the dark alienesque world, alone. One day, from above, floated down metalic objects, bubbles rupturing from their edges, slowly crumpling more and more under the ever increasing pressure. The disturbance perked up her interest, so she followed the trail of bubbles towards the ocean floor. All it took was one small knock to rupture the side of the object outward towards the creature. One object touched her limbs, causing a bright flash of light and searing her flesh. Whatever this object may have been seemed to be changing her. Her form began to shrink down, her body changing, becoming more and more humanoid, strange symbols burning their way into her limbs. When the light finally abated, she had a new form... slender, feminine, almost human, aside from her unhuman kraken limbs. Looking upwards, she craved to know where these objects came from.

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