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Bear is a female VTuber that infuses her drawings with magic to make people happy! She makes content in English, focusing on gaming and art streams.

While she can be wholesome, she is a gremlin that will not hesitate to make jokes that would only make a 12 year old laugh. She's very passionate about character design and anime, and can be very talkative.

Her birthday is the 29th of April.

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Bear runs a magic shop that specializes in providing summoning scrolls for protection and companionship. Her great magical powers can summon anything... except for a hot anime boyfriend. Every time she tries to summon one, it blows up in her face and her magic power is completely drained. One fateful day, she finds a forbidden magical text that allows her to siphon magic power from the people viewing her creations. She decides to stream, stealing the magic power from her viewers to power her next husbando summoning attempt.

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