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Akiko Kumagara



Akiko is a female 3D variety VTuber and VStreamer who releases unique content on her Twitch and YouTube channels. She primarily speaks English, but also occasionally releases Japanese language content, particularly in the form of vocal covers. She likes to sing and wants to get better at it.

Akiko often plays video games, but is also known to make art and music, and enjoys partaking in other creative hobbies as well. It is common for her to not finish a game before finding something different to stream, with the exception usually being the latest Pokémon video games, which she appears to have a fondness for in general. She has also demonstrated a fondness for retro video games on her streams, and seems to like to collect a lot of things.

Akiko has put together a group of streamers, The Bear's Den, which she plans to make collaborative content with as she continues her adventures.

Akiko-chan prefers to be greeted by feminine Japanese honorifics if any are used.

Lore Edit

Akiko Kumagara is a bear girl from Japan. 21 years ago, she mysteriously appeared, asleep, in Chiba Park on a cold night, and was discovered there by members of an up-and-coming girl's idol group near a pond. No one knows where she came from, or more importantly how she got there. She was blanketed and sheltered by the group of girls who discovered her until a family would volunteer to take her in. Her childhood consisted of a lot of relocation as a result of nobody knowing her origins or being able to properly care for her.

Ultimately, Akiko was raised by several families who adopted her for periods of time to help her grow and learn how to fit into her new environment; it takes a village to raise a bear girl, after all! These prior families would eventually lose too much money and have to give up Akiko, though. Because of the mysteries surrounding her, she grew up mostly in isolation from the time she was a young cub. She seems to be particularly fond of the stars and space, for some reason...

Two years after being found, Akiko was adopted permanently by Reina Kumagara, the woman who would give her a name, a family who loves her, and a place to call home. Reina and her wife were now-famous members of the idol group who discovered her in the park on that cold and fateful night, and their success in the music industry had afforded them the opportunity to take in the bear girl they found and raise her themselves.

There is still a lot we have yet to learn about this bear girl and who she truly is, but she seems honest and open to revealing more things about herself as more time passes.

Akiko has dreams and ambitions of being a beloved idol, a mother, and a good friend to many, just like her mother Reina is! Her cubs (her audience) success and love makes her a proud "Mama Bear" and she has a lot of love to give them in return as she cheers them on, just as they have for her.

Akiko's exact age and birthdate are currently unknown, but her name (lit. "Autumn Child Bear Pattern") seems to imply she's born in the fall. She seems to celebrate her birthday in mid-September.

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