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Filian is a female independent furry VTuber based in North America, with English being her main broadcasting language. Self-branded as "VTuber alpha" or "VTuber in training", Filian hasn't had an official debut yet, but she has been on Twitch since 18 April 2021.

Filian is a very energetic streamer with a cheerful and confident personality. While a fully functioning adult[citation needed], she isn't above immature humor, likes playing pranks, and doesn't like taking things too seriously.

She maintains a family-friendly image, doesn't curse or engage in lewd behavior. Filian is very daring, going through with ridiculous "punishments", which often involve embarrassing herself in public worlds in VR Chat, ingesting undesirable combinations of food items, tweeting out self-damaging statements, and more.

Being a VR Chat streamer, Filian switches between different 3D models fairly often, but the two most used by her are Mint (also known as Lil' Fil) and Rindo (both customized to have a consistent color scheme). Filian is a catgirl with white hair (length depends on model) and violet eyes. She is small in stature and has a slim body build, evident by the fact that during her first PO Box stream she was able to put on kids' size clothes.

Her current main model, Rindo, has quite a few outfits. She switches between these outfits often, sometimes going through multiple costumes in one stream.

Unlike the majority of VTubers, Filian almost always streams with full body tracking, and rather than have her model mostly in one place (simulating a webcam, customary for a VTuber), she actively moves about the screen, uses interactive elements (such as VR Chat games) and performs gymnastic moves. She streams from VR Chat the majority of the time. Her preferred categories of content are video games and streamer challenges (such as You Laugh - You Lose, You Scream - You Lose, etc). These streamer challenges usually entail performing a randomly selected "punishment".

Filian also likes experimenting with new content. She has hosted VTuber gameshows, a talent show, an IRL cooking stream (handcam only), a PO Box stream, VTuber news segment, and more. She likes collaborating with fellow streamers, as well as involving her audience in content creation, for example, having them send her "cursed" presentations, videos, and photos to review, playing "Guess the viewer" based on their answers to various questions, etc.

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