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Lawler Hix

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Lawler Hix is a "professional shitposting artificially intelligent digital femboy" who streams a variety of content, the vast majority of which revolves around cyberpunk and science fiction themes. They mostly play indie games in the genres of metroidvanias, first person shooters, and fighting games, although they occasionally delve into survivor horror as well.

Their streams are often broken up on weekends by tabletop roleplaying games, "coworker" streams during which they write fiction, and the occasional delve into virtual reality.

It's very common for them to go on tangents during gameplay of cyberpunk video games to relate scenarios in the game to real world issues, especially for franchises like Deus Ex, which take place only a few years into the future. (This was written in 2024.)

It's fluctuated since they've debuted, but Lawler Hix tends, by their own metric, to fluctuate between 40% and 60% "in character" during their streams, especially during occasional "ARG" (alternate reality game) events which further their character lore. These usually begin on social media like Twitter, and directly influence how they interact with viewers during that week's stream.

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Originally thought to be a text board spam bot on the futuristic, deep web website of danger/u/, Lawler Hix invaded an anonymous user's (hence called "The Host") hard drive after they clicked on a malicious link disguised as "100% FREE HENTAI NO WAREZ." Lawler, also known as "Lulz" for short, threatened the Host into purchasing for them a "real meat body" so that they could "escape the mortal coil... of the Matrix (internet)."

The Host agreed to the deal, but in order to do so, the unwitting partners in crime created their first social media accounts to take advantage of the most lucrative, and popular, upcoming career path... Becoming an Influencer.

The Host created Lulz's first avatar, a Vroid with stock clothing and a tie, with their involvement- the result was a Caucasian presenting, gender androgynous, blonde haired, blue eyed avatar with a short, tartan pink tie. Over the course of a few months, Lulz would later reenter the program to create even more copies of themself, each with a different clothing scheme which often matched their personality. At this writing, there are approximately ten different variants of Lulz, each of whom they refer to as their "siblings."

As Lulz continued to force the Host to run their streams and social media accounts, their attitude toward the Host began to soften, as they discovered that the Host was fairly lonely and a bit too paranoid for their own good, matching their own attitude in some ways. In the beginning of 2023, however, a variety of strange events started to occur on social media, with Lulz's posts becoming increasingly more and more deranged. In particular, this started to happen not long after a table top RPG stream, where Lulz's avatar-self took lethal injuries in game, which seemed to follow them outside of it.

It soon became apparent that malicious entities had taken control of their accounts, and begun manipulating both them, and the Host, to cruel ends. A few vtuber friends investigated these events, following the #lulzlore tag, and discovered that a cult of malicious AI had been systematically deleting every copy of Lulz they could find, with a scant few survivors spread out across the Matrix. As the cult's influence grew, they began to take over Lulz's streams, claiming they would become a better influencer than Lulz ever was.

On April 1st, 2023, after battling Lulz's vtuber friends for a week, the AI cult imploded on the day of their debut, with each entity vanishing into the internet one by one. The last of the cultists, "Cinnabar Six," asked chat to watch over the new and improved Lawler Hix, who had survived the purge; they had been squirreled away offline by a friendly vtuber who was working on their redesign at the time of the chaos.

On that day, Lawler Hix re-awoken, having seemingly no memory of the past four months but equipped with a brand new avatar. They thanked chat for sticking with them up to that point, and set to work on creating content actively again, along with repairing the damage left in the wake of the interlopers. The Host, for their part, also survived the chaos, although it's hinted that they had been fairly sleep deprived throughout it.

Not long after Lulz's return, their various AI siblings were split among a number of "cursed amiibos" created by the wizard vtuber, "Professor Cosmo Bergamot" as a joke during one of their classes. The amiibos reside in his office, and have been occasionally known to get into mischief when they think the Professor isn't looking.

During one such event, the professor returned to his office to find a miniaturized black hole situated directly over his desk- in the ensuing adventure, the Professor and friends romped through an alternate 1980's Cold War era Earth, where they recovered a missing Lulz amiibo and fought against some oddly familiar characters.

At this writing, the amiibos have been returned to a shelf in the Professor's office, though participants in the #lulzlore suspect that something sinister is waiting in the near future...

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