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My name is Zilver leader of the Wolves Vikings!

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In a land far away, on the top of the highest and coldest mountain in the world. People say that, that mountain even hits the sky itself. In that mountain is a village filled with powerful warriors called the Wolves Vikings. Some people believe that it's a fairy tale. But let me tell you a story about a young warrior who became known as Zilver the fierce leader of the Wolves Vikings!

Once upon a time there was a small Wolfboy living in a small village, he had two colored eyes. One as blue as the ocean, and the other as bright as blood. His hair was as silver as a silver coin. He lived with his parents and younger sibling. They were farmers. Zilvers father was a well known Viking and was very strong, he taught Zilver how to wield a sword, axe and knifes. His dad stopped fighting a long time ago, he wanted to spend time with his family and protect them with all cost.

One day, a friend of Zilvers father asked him to help him on a journey. He wanted to find Land, a land he dreamed about for so long. He said that the land had riches beyond his imaginary, a land that is safe. Furthermore, he said that the land was on a high mountain and that it would take weeks, maybe months to get there.

Zilver as a young Viking himself was trilled to the story the old man told his father that he wanted to find that land too. Zilvers father said he would go as protection, but that Zilver couldn't go. Zilver was mad and disappointed but understood his father. A few days later, his father said his farewell to the family and stepped in his Longship with the old man and a few warriors to find the rich land. Zilver waited weeks, months... and finally he saw the same Longship headed back to the village. He called his mother and sibling and ran to the shore.

He saw the old man, but no warriors and not even his father... He ran to the old man and asked where his father was. The old man began to tear up and said:" We got ambushed, they came out of nowhere! Your father did his best, he was so strong. But I got in the way... I got taken hostage, and he lowered his weapon as an agreement to spare my life and to leave alone back here, and so he did. I'M SORRY ZILVER, BUT YOUR FATHER IS GONE!" the old man cried, while telling Zilver. The old man grabbed Zilvers hand and gave him two dagger holders with the blades shattered. " These were your fathers, that's the only thing I could grab before going back" said the old man.

Zilver grabbed the daggers and ran home, crying and screaming, upset that his father was gone. How can it be, his father was the strongest of all Vikings! He sat in his bed for hours. Until he heard the alarm bells ringing. He stood up and ran outside. His eyes widen as he saw that houses got on fire, fields destroyed, people crying and screaming, running away from something or someone. He saw the old man standing face to face with a tall, strong built Wolfman. The old man looked back and saw Zilver. "ZILVER" the old man screamed. " He killed your father, run before it's too late and don't look back! "Zilver was frozen in fear by the looks of that monster! The Wolfman pushed the old man away and walked towards Zilver. He grabbed Zilver by the collar of his shirt and said:" So this is his son? Pathetic! He grabbed his sword but Zilvers mother pushed the Wolfman, but that did nothing. The Wolfman let go of Zilver and slashed the mother. Zilver screamed out of disbelieve and anger. A blue aura surrounded him and formed into sharp icicles, lancing at the Wolfman. The Wolfman protected himself while Zilver ran away. He grabbed the daggers, and he tried to find his sibling. Eventually he found his sibling, but she was badly wounded. Zilver grabbed his sister and ran into the forest. He ran until his legs couldn't run anymore. He stopped and sat on the floor, holding his sister. Zilver looked at her wounds and saw that she was not going to make it. He started to cry and shaking. His sister grabbed his face and said while crying and yet giving him the softest smile: "Zilver it's ok! I go to Valhalla, where mom and dad are waiting for me. I'm just sad that you have to be alone, big brother. I'm so sorry." And then her hands fell on the ground. Zilver screamed while he saw his little sister's eyes slowly close. After a few minutes he stood up and grabbed his sister's necklace and berried her and said: "I promise to be the strongest Viking there is and I will not rest until that Wolfman pays with his life for what he has done! EVEN IF IT COST MY OWN!"

Years later, Zilver grew to become a strong man who was a skilled fighter and had learned how to control his ice powers. He still had his father's dagger holders, which he used to make daggers of ice with. He fought many Viking groups, finding information about the Wolfman and the rich land the old man dreamed of. He heard that that land is owned by the Wolfman itself and that it's a sad place where everyone has to follow his orders. Zilver had made friends along the way and created a small Viking group. He searched for years, he turned twenty-two years old when he finally found the mountain.

People say that the fight between Zilver and the Wolfman was so powerful it made the earth shake, and the gods came to watch. Unfortunately, no one knows what happened after the fight. Zilver won and claimed the land and became the fierce leader of a Viking settlement called The Wolves Vikings.

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