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Zilver is a wolf boy who controls ice and snow. He is the guardian of the highest mountain in the world, where he protects the animals from harm. He doesn't show himself often, but he is still young and loves to play games. It may be lonely up there, but he is sure one day he will make friends that he can trust!

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Zilver lives on the top of the highest mountain in the world. It's very cold and snows every day there. Although it's not safe to live there, Zilver developed a power beyond his imagination. He learned how to control ice and snow with his mind and hands, his eyes starts glowing whenever he uses his powers.

One day, Zilver was walking around and got attacked by a group of hunters! They surrounded Zilver and tried to capture him! Zilver defended himself but was no match for all those hunters and got captured. Zilver woke up in a room full of rare and exotic animals.

Zilver used his powers to escape the room and took all the animals with him. But there they were again, THE HUNTERS! Zilver fought them all by himself, but this time he was stronger! But yet again they were too much... Zilver was hurt and out of energy, but then one small animal tried to help Zilver and got hurt. Zilver started to rage and unlocked a deep power inside of him and defended the Hunters.

Legends say he still lives on the top of the mountain, filled with battle scars and as the guardian of the animals. Protecting those who are in need.

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