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Greetings and salutations, I’m Zelrainña Ravenwood, your elven bookworm and curator of the Codex Athenaeum Allow me to be your guide through the and the many doorways that reside within it.

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Let’s start at the beginning shall we The Ravenwood family are well known Assassins with the highest reputation of the assassin guilds. There was only one small issue, the middle child Zelrainña, while magically gifted like his mother, Lyra, there was a small catch for his magic was Intuned with the wild therefore making him unsuited for assassination. His father Marikoth found another use for his poor excuse of a son. He gave zelrainña the task of information gathering but kept him in the confides of the Ravenwood manor.

As the preverbal black sheep of the family, Zelrainña spent most of his day studying to control the wild after effects of his magic on top of his duties to his family. This would eventually lead him to learn of the existence of the codex athenaeum or at least the legend of it, as many had tried to find this library in order to either study from vast accumulated knowledge or to steal the artifacts that lay slumbering inside it.

One night Zelrainña escaped his family home and began his Journey to find the codex. Short version he eventually did find it, but there was a price to this. The codex itself was an eldritch being, it’s hunger for knowledge and the safety of artifacts required something a curator to help archive its findings and to seek out more knowledge in other realms. A price Zelrainña paid in exchange for the beings help to control the wild magic energy that was bound to his magic. Now he travel from realm to realm seeking knowledge while also learning to open up and get his head out of the books every so often.

(( this has been a short and rough draft of Zel’s lore I hope you all enjoy))

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