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WinterTimeCrime is a Virtual Streamer that makes English content, although he's also learning Mandarin Chinese while studying abroad.

He's extroverted, overconfident, mischievous, and loves to meet new people and discuss topics he's never known about. Whenever excited, he usually shouts his ad libitum, "WinterTime," while joking around with crude humor and unhinged shenanigans.

WinterTime writes horror novels in his spare time and thus enjoys playing Psychological Horror & Thriller titles - The gorier, the better. However, his streams begin with learning new things and reviewing documentaries on various topics.

He loves to talk about Artificial Intelligence, tech trends, and books (he reads a ton)!

He established his channel on April 24, 2020, and began streaming and posting videos regularly around 4/18/2024. His height is 188 cm. His birthday is on January 26, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Born a unique snowflake under the guardianship of the Snow Queen, WinterTime was always more fascinated by the vast knowledge stored in the Queen's library than socializing with his frosty peers. Entranced by tales of human innovation, the Snow Queen granted him an ageless human form to serve as her attendant while he continued his intellectual pursuits. Over the centuries, his fascination with humanity grew, leading him to blend with snowflakes during a grand winter ceremony to escape to Earth.

On Earth, WinterTime’s initial curiosity about human existence gradually turned to boredom as he found their society less engaging than the stories he read. His superiority complex grew, and the Snow Queen, dismayed by his arrogance, challenged him to discover virtues fit for a resident of the Divine Ice Realm and banished him until he proved worthy of returning.

Thinking she was testing his skill and resolve, he went to perform many tasks across the universe, adopting various personas based on his daring adventures and achievements:

  • King Snow Tuber Supreme: After conquering a century-long VRMMO on Earth in 2153, WinterTime defeated a legendary Winter Warlord and claimed the "Elegant Ego-Ice Crown," which gives the "overconfident ability to excel at anything."

  • Snow Killer Kid: His charisma and tactical acumen led WinterTime to form and command the notorious intergalactic street gang Snow Patrol. After conquering the coldest part of the universe, the Flake of Snow Galaxy (FOS-1), two of his trusted second-in-commands, perished in a ship crash. Upon discovering the crash was a scheme to usurp his leadership, he decisively eliminated his entire gang. In memory of his loyal 2iCs, he marked himself with two snowflake tattoos on his chest.

  • The Winter Young Don: WinterTime then joined the Frost Crime Syndicate to restore order to FOS-1. Enemies who dared challenge WinterTime suffered severe torture involving ice-themed methods, such as being frozen alive or having ice cubes forcibly shoved down their throats. The Frost Crime Syndicate gave him the title "The Winter Young Don" and presented him with a long furred coat infused with ice.

A resentful snowflake named 'WinterCrime,' took over the Divine Ice Realm and, in fear of WinterTime challenging her, reincarnated him to the fantasy realm, Euphoria.

  • Nor'Easter Fever Dream: WinterTime trained in the fantasy realm as a solo grinder, specializing in Ice Magic, and was renowned as the Ice Mage "Nor'Easter Fever Dream."

After realizing how strong he became, he thought defeating the Demon Queen with his magic would be boring, so he challenged her to a Rap Battle instead. After delivering a "severe beat down of lyrical greatness" (as described by the townspeople, he swears), the Euphoria Royal Family awarded him the "Chain of Cold Knocks" and sent him back to his dimension, the Divine Ice Realm.

  • Blizzard God Alpha: His boldest feat involved challenging WinterCrime in a battle of incredible wit and supreme magical awesomeness. After a long and hard-fought struggle and using most of their Divine Ice essence, WinterCrime, and WinterTime succumbed to a tie and shriveled back into snowflakes.

The Snow Queen resumed power over the Divine Ice Realm once more. Because Time and Crime used most of their essence, the Snow Queen had to fuse them, creating 'WinterTimeCrime,' and presenting them the title 'Blizzard God Alpha,' protectors of the Divine Ice Realm (mainly to satisfy WinterTime, and keep WinterCrime in check with someone who could challenge her).

Now, WinterTimeCrime uses their experiences and personas to craft a unique identity in the digital streaming world, connecting with communities across several dimensions and timelines that celebrate their legendary past and ongoing adventures.

But this is merely the prologue. Are you prepared to embark on the thrilling adventures that await them?

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