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Rose, also known as rosedoodle, is a Canadian cat girl vtuber who streams art & variety gaming and is obsessed with cute things. Her height is 156cm (5ft 1.5in.). Many people mistakenly call her Beepu due to her IGN in VRChat, but that is actually the name of her mascot. Her mascot, Beepu, is a…
Videos 366Frequency 2.18Watchlists 13Subs 417.7kViews 17.3m
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Benosphere is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
Videos 52Frequency 14.06Watchlists 7Subs 3.2kViews 28.2k
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Lyrica (リリカ) is a female Virtual YouTuber who streams in Filipino and English. She currently lives in Canada after retiring from being the 77th generation Mahou Shoujo who is a retired magical girl who turned into a Virtual YouTuber. Due to her age and her fans, Lyrica calls herself a "Lola", the Filipino word for…
Videos 310Frequency 1.06Watchlists 10Subs 136.7kViews 3.6m
Nemurenai Kai
  • EN
  • Art
  • Cooking
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Nemurenai Kai is a male English Virtual YouTuber who debuted with his first video on 5 January 2020. His birthday is April 28th. His height is 6'1". He weighs 1.76 MB. His zodiac sign is Taurus.
Videos 408Frequency 2.6Watchlists 6Subs 4.3kViews 91.3k
Armette Dawn
  • EN
  • Gaming
  • LGBTQ+
Armette Dawn is an English speaking Virtual Streamer on Twitch who loves to play Fantasy RPG games, and is a horrible shot in FPS games. Her favourite game series is Dark Souls, her personal best glitchless speedrun in the first is 3h 04min 33sec. Her height is 190cm(6ft 3in), and her birthday is December 18th.
Videos 199Frequency 2.93Watchlists 4Subs 552Views 6.6k
Aima Occultis
  • EN
  • Anime
  • Art
  • Chatting
  • Gaming
  • Horror
  • Mature
Aima is a Vstreamer/Vtuber who drinks too many energy drinks and consumes too much horror media. She regularly streams horror games new or old, plus hosts movie nights in her Discord.
Videos 351Frequency 2.09Watchlists 1Subs 1.4kViews 13.8k
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cakecatboy is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
Videos 95Frequency 1.57Watchlists 4Subs 10.1kViews 95.9k
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EdenValkyrie is a female VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. She is a variety streamer and will play different types of games like JRPGs, Horror, FPS or Life Sims.
Videos 345Frequency 1.75Watchlists 3Subs 934Views 18.3k
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h_paradice is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
Videos 240Frequency 3Watchlists 7Subs 4.1kViews 59.9k
Aozora Mirai
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  • Gaming
Aozora Mirai is a Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in Japanese and English.
Videos 616Frequency 1.7Watchlists 3Subs 14.1kViews 125.7k
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