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TheLadyFuyu (full name: Lady Fuyu Kisetsu, nicknamed "Lady" or "Fuyu") is an English VStreamer on Twitch who regularly streams and collabs with various other Streamers on the site. She is a CIS Gender Woman who has ASD (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) and is also AroAce (Aromantic Asexual) so while she tends to make the occasional lewd joke, she is genuinely not interested in that kind of Mature content. She also has an addiction to Bepis and her catchphrase it, quite literally, "REE" as she can be loud at times whilst tend to be overdramatic.

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In a Galaxy far, far away--or, better yet, in the land down under of Australia, Fuyu was originally born to an Bee Demon Mother, who is a Nurse who heals the injured in the mortal realm and a Human Father of a long legacy being in the Military. In fact, her Father's side has such a long history in the Military, that eventually they became Nobles overtime due to their long and continued service for the country. Hence, why she owns the title of "Lady" in the first place.

Despite her Half Demon/Human status, she was born as a Shapeshifter that can switch from her main Polar Bear form to her Human form. She currently resides in the Snowy Mountains in QLD Australia, occasionally teaming up and playing with members of Angst Inc. (a Team she is primarily in charge of, however, is still a WIP) or streaming by her lonesome, goofing with her chat.

At the moment, she is with 2 Groups: VAC (Virtual Art Cafe) and Angsty Aussies, she collabs primarily with them at times but not always. Many have claimed that she is "Cute" or "Adorable" however, she is vehemently against those claims.

Her name, "Fuyu" (Pronounced: Foo-You) means Winter in japanese and is often called it by friends/followers or her "Lady" title. On Social media, she tends to use a variation of her title "Milady" at times despite noone seeming to use it much. Her Birthday is on the 20th October, 1999. So, to make it easier to keep track of her age, she tends to say: "Eh, I'm kinda the same age as the year, so just look at the last 2 digits and that's how old I am--well before October anyway."

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