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A variety streamer with both ADHD and Autism, I have Dyslexia so i use a TTS program to hear what you have typed in my chat, i will play what i am in the mood for then move on to another game then come back to it

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Details about Ceph before we get into the lore of them.

Ceph was born with no gender because they are a shapeshifter. Ceph goes by Him/He but they don't care what pronouns you use to refer to them. Ceph is 25 years old. Their birthday is 02/08/1995 (DD/MM/YYYY). They didn't get their name until they were one year old as in their family you don't get named until you take your first form which for Ceph Was an Octopus aka a Cephalopod.

so now that that is out of the way onto the Lore.

Ceph was born into a noble shapeshifter family, Their Family name is Naval second highest of the shapeshifter nobles where Ceph comes from but Ceph was a little different than most of the shapeshifters there as by the time most shapeshifters of the world turned 5 they had already figured out their forms where Ceph now has yet to find their form that they would like to stay as permanently, Granted they can still change their form it's just they have a more permanent form their family can recognize them as the only parts Ceph has figured out is their eyes that's it so it's hard for some of them to know it's Ceph. Ceph has been disowned by their father Karoo he did not approve of what Ceph was doing or what ever they did do so they were cast a side and never to be seen by their father on the other side they still see their mother, sister and brother Panthera (mother) still looks after Ceph when they can giving them funds clothing and other times Kintsugi (brother) may be an ass to Ceph but still hopes they are doing okay Fenrir (sister) will protect Ceph as if they were part of their wolf pack. so that's a bit about their family and where they stand. Ceph is an easy going energetic ball of something they get flustered easily just by being called cute it can trigger them to stutter and call you a baka they mean no harm they just don't like being called cute, they will be truthful to you no matter what they have made an oath to never lie to a living being or to themself so rest assured they will never lie to you it's their pride as a noble to be the most respectful they can be as shapeshifters from their world can lose themselves from lying we are talking they could forget a part of their form and lose it forever. The reason for their current form is because animals currently are their thing they don't know if this will be their final form but at the moment they enjoy this form most the reasons they have stockings is because they have a scar on their left leg that became a permanent scar from a tragic fight with their father Karoo so their body decided on keeping it as a reminder of who they are Ceph prefers the female forms as when they get hurt they don't feel it as much as when they are a male form this doesn't mean you won't see Ceph as a male it just might be a while before you do see them as one the Naval family prides itself on staying as one gender but Ceph never liked that thought at all so they challenge their families ideals the only one who disagrees with them is their Father Panthera, Kintsugi and Fenrir all believe that Ceph should get the choice one what their gender or form is so it's a constant fight within the family but that hasn't stopped Ceph being who they are. Ceph will always be willing to help their friends out when ever they can even if they are struggling themself but rest assured Ceph has trained their body to withstand almost anything so in a fight Ceph will be there to help they have gone around the universe and dimensions trained where ever and when ever they could they have met so many wonderful friends throughout the years sadly they have lost some good ones but they continue their life for the sake of the others. Ceph is currently at the age of 25 and they have been through so much there isn't so much as fighting in their family anymore but there are still some struggles here and there Karoo has calmed down from all their shit he is currently looking at bettering himself as he saw that it was wrong to judge his child when they where doing nothing wrong at all sadly Kintsugi has lost his life thanks to the actions of Karoo which he is repenting for through helping the other races and species out there i never meant to hurt Kintsugi but what happened is something the family can never talk about as it would break the family apart and they don't want to do that anymore than it already has, Karoo is proud of who and what Ceph has become as they are the first one in their family to be able to cross dimensions something that is acknowledged throughout there world as a thing only the royals can do they kingdom has been trying to give Ceph recognition as a royal but Ceph declines as they don't want to be treated as a royal they don't like the spot light as much as their family does so what they told the king is that they decline the offer to come a royal and to stay as who they are because anyone could be able to go to other dimensions if they tried hard enough so the king decided to put up a statue in honor of Kintsugi as to show respect for Ceph and their family.

This is currently where Ceph is in their life more will come to their lore as they get older and meet more individuals of there so keep an eye out for any possible updates about Ceph

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