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The Unplugged Professor

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A TV-Headed VTuber, the Unplugged Professor locates games that do not have a voice to add his own, as a process to learn and grow. After all, being trapped in a facility long abandoned and with vocal chords still in tact, the least he can do is entertain. With the aid of ExP and Eniac, his pursuits continue to make Chamber-06 a little less lonely.

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Awoken from a slumber with no recollection of the past, the Professor found himself trapped in a facility known as Chamber-06. Though the surrounding area had plenty of tech, it seemed to be long abandoned, along with his other companions within the area, ExP (a weird plant-alien thing) and Eniac (a giant walking plug).

Thankfully with plenty of technology around him, he was eventually able to get a connection online, and discover more of the world beyond the walls he's been so acquainted with. Wanting to be a part of such a world, and with his strengthened vocal chords (because lifting a TV on a tiny neck for long must have strengthened something, right?), he attempts to use his primary talents to grow and entertains from the confines of his location!

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