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Suketchi Hōrōgaki

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Suketchi is male undead doodle English Vtuber. He enjoys streaming a variety of content such as: Games, Art, Tier Lists, Reactions, and Zatsudans. He is known for his frequent voice cracks, and love of creative expression in others. He mostly will play games on the Nintendo Switch and or Steam.

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A lone child is bullied at school for not having any friends, and starts to have terrible nightmares... the next day the child doodles themselves an imaginary friend to feel less alone and spend all their time with. The child's parent then gift them a dream catcher to make sure all the bad dreams are caught, empowering it night after night. Years pass by as the child grows older leaving all their childhood belongings up in the attic. The latent power within the dream catcher resonates with Suketchi, allowing him to break free of his dusty papery prison into the real world! The dream catcher after emitting all that energy also gained sentience of it's own which accompanied Suketchi, now known as Ash the Eyecatcher. After stumbling upon Vtubers Suketchi decided to try his hand and become one himself. This could be his chance to connect with all sorts of people to friend around the world. He rummaged through the attic's art supplies and decked himself out with a handmade cloak for his debut!

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