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Shira⌈SAYA⌋ is a 18+ femboy English Vtuber! Shira is a variety streamer who streams content such as: Art, Games, Karaoke & Zatsudan. He is more known for his art he draws which are most if not all 18+.

This incubus loves to act & talk lewd but under all that lewdness is a very friendly, wholesome & bullyable boy. Known to collab a lot with his Vtuber friends, he is usually the target of friendly banter/abuse.

Lore Edit

Long ago, a child was a boy born into the church. He was taught that God loved everyone & those who mingled with the Devil were sinners.

One day, spirits appeared before the child but instead of being evil instead played with the child. The child thought to himself "How can something so evil be so innocent?" So the child decided to stay & play with the spirits in the Devil's Playground.

But the church saw this & despised the child & treated him as an outcast... a sinner... So the child looked at the church & said... "If God won't love the sinners... THEN I WILL!" The child abandoned the church & went deep into the Devil's Playground & emerged an Incubus, set to spread his corrupting love to everyone in the world.

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