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Starveila is a female Nephilim (half-angel/half-demon) Pre-Debut Virtual Streamer who speaks English. Usually she streams a variety of games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Genshin Impact, RPGs, and any other game she feels like. She's a very extraverted person and can sometimes have a god complex but she has a good heart. From time to time she'll also cosplay some of her favorite characters with live cam. She hopes to be able to give to others what the let's players she watched growing up gave her; comfort, happiness and a love of video games.

Starveila's birthday is February 27. Her sun sign is Pisces, moon sign is Aries, and rising sign is Capricorn. Ashe is also 5'4 (163 cm) and goes by she/her pronouns but also doesn't care what people call her. Her MBTI personality type is ENFP.

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At face value Starveila is a Nephilim (half angel/half demon) that's trying to fit in. Although she is hiding a big secret from everyone. Growing up, her memory just seems to start one day with no recollection of anything before the age of 3. The only thing she knows is that she has very strong abilities at her disposal. Despite all of this, she has an appreciation for video games and the world of possibilities that it has given her. She's trying to find out where she came from but at the same time tries to enjoy her life as is. Maybe one day she'll find out where she has come from because despite being a mix of two divine entities, she has yet to meet an angel or a devil in her life time.

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