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Serene Mists



Serene is a Purisuunkian VTuber in SpectroV who speaks English but also supports her stream chat in Spanish, Japanese and Swedish. Her general Aesthetic is Crystals and attempts to keep her streams friendly for everyone. She primarily streams games in the RPG and Sandbox genre but may also play platformer and MMO genre games; among the genre of games she will not play is horror since as she says "Horror is too scary".

When it comes to the creatives she is a vocalist, remixer/producer, artist and animator. She may stream her working on these creatives and discuss these creatives while she streams often hinting at future projects. She takes commissions and often works on them during streams; occasionally she may also do art lesson streams with other VTubers drawing their characters with them. The program she uses for her art is Clip Studio Paint EX and for her producing and recording of music she uses FL Studio.

When it comes to the community she is the founding member of SpectroV; a VTubing group based around the spectrum of aesthetics and people the group has. Alongside SpectroV she also has her own server labeled as "Musical Cucumbers" where she hosts events where she plays games and interacts with the people who support her. On her server she often hosts art events where she gives out small prices for the ranking of participants; in return she often gets art made of her which is used to promote the artists who participated.

Another thing that plays a heavy influence on her work is anime, she has in quote "watched over 100 titles" with her favorite titles being ノラガミ(Noragami), 地縛少年花子くん(Jibaku Shonen Hanako-Kun) and Banana Fish. The anime she watches is a common topic that she discusses in her streams on the side and may dominate entire discussions she has during the games alongside the fact that she often uses anime music box openings and endings as background music. She is also a huge fan of Vocaloid music as she speaks about it and does work with Vocaloid on he YouTube.

Lore Edit

Serene Kana Mists a Purisuunkian heir to the throne of Nachrast, the young empress grew up most of her life without too much interaction; her only friend at the time being another girl named Tranquility; whom she nicknamed "Trae". Trying to live up to the expectations that she had to live up to on her planets capital; Pulinaras, she often grew stressed and her mother; Alixturasa seemed to be the only one who gave her respite during her tedious efforts to become perfect for her people. The stress she accumulated over the years built by the false propaganda that arisen with the conflicts in the city, these conflicts often messing with her day to day life. At some point she wished for all the causes of stress to disappear which ended up being the desire that doomed her kind. As that thought struck her mind returning home from spending time with Trae she found her mother and her uncle; Oxygusto. An argument between the empress White Guardian of Chrast and the Black Guardian of Chrast put her in tears after the conflicting power shattered them both in front of her eyes. From then an earthquake awakened from the discharge from the guardians of her kind being murdered by one another. The chaos that had spread around the city corrupted her family too. The silence that accompanied the slow tears of shock that she had after the event made her vulnerable. In the courtyard of the palace grounds, the only thing visible keeping her company was the 3 moons above her and to her surprise a figure perched upon one of the watchtowers. There was a reason the propaganda was spread, why the chaos ensued in the cities, why the courtyard that day was silent, why the guardians killed each other. A young rogue who carried it out, the reason being someone who wanted the Mists dynasty dead and the city in disorder to acquire control. In the silence echoed the sharp winds that separated with the dart laced with a venom of bright pink that due to the earthquake missed. The dart from the young rogue whose only visible feature was a few red glows on his face that flickered around the darkness that obscured his face. The earthquake that foiled his attempts at murdering serene allowed him to be caught by a flood of guards after a few were notified about the death of the 2 guardians. The young boy, only half a year younger than Serene at the time named ReveX was imprisoned and sentenced to death in 6 months. Serene showed little signs of being too phased however was hurt heavily by the death of her mother and uncle however developed a colder attitude to her father and younger brother who at this point in her life did not communicate much with her, even her friend Trae having difficulty making her approach life the same way. During the time after the tragic day there was reports of other cities on Nachrast suffering from tragedies from a Nachrastian beast that was fabled an old legend; a Churathian that ruined her people in every city and town it passed, a monster that awakened after outburst of Prismatic power that radiated out after the death of Alixturasa and Oxygusto. By the time it reached Pulinaras about 3 weeks away from ReveX's execution, the city underestimated the power of the Churathian and fell into chaos as it destroyed the place. The havoc was the one factor that allowed Serene, Trae and the one who tried to kill her; ReveX to escape. The prison suffered major damage which allowed for ReveX to escape, his actions only abiding by payment saw no reason to chase after killing Serene in this situation and instead when he saw Serene running out the palace walls with Trae to find a safe place to conjure a Chrast portal out of her planet he guided them out getting injured in the process by falling debris. Aiding in the creation of the portal Serene and Trae got through but before ReveX could he through he got injured again, this time by the Churathian itself stabbing into his nape down to his mid back getting to the other side of the portal as it closed cutting off the large claw the Churtathian used to attack them. On the other side they were in an entirely new universe, a new planet unknown to them. Serene and Trae who were aided by ReveX and had no idea of his identity chose to bring him somewhere to have him fixed up, Serene able to keep him stable draining her own Chrast in her body to regenerate ReveX to as big a degree as she could at the time. Getting to someone who specialized in cybernetic augments they took a look at ReveX. A being who already had heavy cybernetic augments, his eyes being robotic and the large glowing X on his forehead. His ability to speak was compromised when the Churathian hurt him so he obtained an artificial voice box implemented as a speaker and open vents that glowed the same red of his eyes and the X all over his body with a transparent solid mesh over those vents. After full recovery all three of them tried to get around in the planet they were in and decided to gain attention the one way they knew how, through music. Serene sang her heart out as Trae and ReveX provided music by conjuring crystalline instruments. She gained an audience in this world and this only carried them further. Serene proceeded to venture to many multiverses, worlds, planets, cultures, learning of places that some may not ever know. She spread her music everywhere and acquired theirs as well obtaining the stage name "せりに". From then she became a well known figure for her music and style, the time that has passed from the event, the near extinction of sources of Chrast killed off the Churathian on her planet. It has now been 17 years since the incident and Serene is now 35 which is about 20~21 in human years. Serene has returned with ReveX and Trae to try and rebuild their home back to its former glory. Serene reigning as empress of Nachrast and with all of the people she has spread her music to support her. And now apart from her duties she occasionally streams so that people across the universes she has been to can still view her no matter how far away she is.

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