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ChairGTables is the lead developer of the game studio LAME Dimension, known for the Steam game Super Ledgehop: Double Laser. Chair has a strong fascination with bootleg and shovelware games, sharing the world the enjoyment of low quality games. Chair is also a fighting game player and a speedrunner, notably placing 2nd place in the Vortex Gallery tournament series and being the first VTuber to perform a run on the main Awesome Games Done Quick event.

Chair's development skills and creativity are represented throughout the streams with the use of custom software, such as the stream's personal chatbot AYAimouto and the choice picker RNGenocide 2. Occassionally, Chair shows the development of the next project on stream. The biggest mystery behind Chair is that nobody knows what the "G" in ChairGTables stands for.

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Chair is a programmer originating from the small island of Guam, who strives to find the tastiest food in the world and to become the strongest in games, whether it's creating the best game in the world or becoming the world champion of a game. After realizing that staying in their beloved small island means limitations, Chair moves out and wanders aimlessly.

To this day, Chair continually challenges programmers and players into money matches to push their limits even further, with the losing opponent showing the winner the best food they know. And with each victory feast, the enemy becomes the friend. Chair's quest to become the strongest may eventually become the ultimate journey to fight everyone to experience the joys of friendship and food.

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