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Rubii is a Twitch Variety streamer who started streaming to help her socialize. She's a Demon who was tasked with being the Villainess in stories however after making a mistake she was sentenced to imprisonment for eternity.

There has been no official Debut however there is one planned once the Live2D model is done being illustrated and rigged.

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Born in the realm of demons, Rubii was given the task of travelling through tales of love as the Villainess of every story she passed through. For ages she would travel from story to narrative sowing despair and ruin to the heroes and heroines which paths she blocked. For centuries she held her creed in high regard, never slipping once from the task she had been given at her moment of summoning. Gleefully she struck down story after story with her vicious words or quick wit.

One day however...

A girl got in her way...

A relatively ordinary girl, by the looks of no challenge to the veteran of melancholy herself... or so she thought. Laying sight upon her new target, Rubii was quick to take up action. Her task was not as simple as possessing a mortal and causing havoc, instead she would have to be reborn each time she completed her task. Upon completion, a copy of her personality would be left within the soulless puppet. She had no interest in sticking around longer than she needed too.

The quicker she could get the hero or heroine to lose hope the better.

Fate would have it, the pair just so happened to be placed together upon the first lecture at their academy. The ridicule and mental anguish would be quick to start as a wicked grin almost began to creep upon Rubii's face before...

Before she saw the sweetest smile she had ever seen in her life... from the person whomst she was to strike down. Had her targets always been like this? All it took was one smile and immediately her heart felt as though it could burst. Her task however... she had to complete it, dare she think of what consequences befall her if she were to fail.

What was initially supposed to be the start quickly became a delay, what was once a brutal and remorseless demon had now become nothing but a playground kid wrongfully mistaking teasing for affection. All Rubii could muster were simple pranks and small teases, how could anyone truly hurt the one they love... love... was that allowed?

"Am I allowed to feel like this?"

Quickly the teasing subsided as though it was an early morning fog receding out of view. In its wake, it opened to a blossoming friendship between the noble's daughter and the prodigal peasant. Her feelings only grew stronger for the girl day after day that they'd meet. She didn't crave to be around her every second however that may be where her mistakes began.

Maybe if she had just been honest with her feelings for the girl sooner or perhaps if she suffered through her emotions and just completed her undertaking.

It wouldn't have ended like this...

The one person she had created a connection with... the single girl she wanted that she would suffer severe consequences, unfathomable to her knowledge for. She had let slip through her fingers. In the time that she wasn't around, a male suitor had come in and suavely swept the girl off her feet.

When the time came... she was rejected. Upon the departure of her friend, once the area was clear of students, a man approached from out behind the large oak tree that centred the academy courtyard. A man that she had only seen once in her life, there was no question what happened next. From the moment his entire visage entered her field of view.

The moment Rubii woke again she was in a dark room with only the sound of chains and the crinkling of paper to accompany her. As a demon all her eyesight had to do was adjust to the poor lighting conditions of the room in order to see however something felt... wrong. No matter how long she waited, her eyes would never adjust to the room. Ten minutes turned into thirty, thirty into ninety.

Every second that ticked by felt like an eternity, for someone who had lived for centuries, mere minutes should be nothing in her life span... yet each second terrified her. She would sob in her lonely cell, filling the room with the sounds of her loss and sorrow as well as the chatter of her shackles until fruitless slumber would find her.

It wouldn't be until the next morning when light permeated the bars of her cell that she'd awake from a restless sleep to witness the accommodations left to her. So this is what was waiting for her should she fail, a dark room void of light lit only by a small hole blocked by thick metal bars that's only purpose was to supply the prisoner with what little light it could to show the hopelessness of her predicament. The chains that clamped both her horns and neck to the centre of the room in a way that gave her access to the room. A single bed that seemed oddly well furnished for someone that befit her status and a small pool of clear water in the far corner.

If it weren't for the previous night she might've broken down, however the luminescence that now graciously lay sprawled out across her room gave notion to a more important thought. The note, with the clatter of chains, she quickly searched the bed for the paper that she had heard upon her first awakening.

It read..

"You have been naught but faithful for so long, however your failure in this circumstance is unforgivable and for that you must be punished.

The chains are to bind your power.

Your bed was earned from your centuries of faithful service.

And your life spared as a reminder."

Decade would pass... was the the right phrase? She had become all but used to her new life, the days passed as if they were nothing but sand flowing in an hourglass. She had tried to reach the window several times to no avail, her restraints seemed to stop her just shy of her only hope of escape. She had tried many times to break the chains but the strength was never there.

However one day a plot was devised, her only chance at escape... breaking her horns if she could do that, just maybe she could use the fractured remnants of them to cut her way free. Her plan would go into action, like the goats her lineage derived and took inspiration from, she'd run head first into the wall her bed pressed against. A surge of pain rushed through her body, more intense than any broken bone or gouge that the demon had ever endured. It seemed to persist forever as she laid there, curled into fetal position. She'd cry for a bit from the pain, it hadn't just been the physical fatigue but also the magical strain from having part of her magic being separated from her body; however now the room seemingly lit up in a magical glow.

"Hello? Is there someone there?" A curious voice would pierce the air as the echoing sobs would stop and a hesitant sniffle would take its place.

Upon clearing the tears from her eyes, there laid one of her horns, broken at its restraint and now laying at feet. However something more important pressed on the demon's mind as there was more than just her restored magic. There appeared to be an unnatural source of light as a set of eyes not peered in at her.

Rubii would shriek as she backed against the wall only now noticing that only one horn separated from her skull. The new voice would assure the demon that she meant no harm. The light was left at the opening as the voice disappeared from view and left for an undetermined amount of time before returning with a crude metal rod. She'd slip it through the bars causing a loud sound to fracture loudly through the room.

Hesitantly, Rubii would approach the rod that laid upon the ground as she introduced herself to the voice. Through countless hours of effort, she found that a civilization had formed not far from where she was imprisoned. Using the tool as she spoke to the voice, who identified herself as Clara, she'd be unable to take off the remaining restraints but be able to shatter the chains that bound her to the room.

Clara would come back night after night as Rubii slowly used the crude tool to remove the bars from the wall that kept her from freedom. Years would pass and eventually Clara had ceased her visits, at first she was angered at her abandonment but not long after her inevitable escape, she'd discover that her new friend had tragically passed from mortality as the town that had been settled near her chamber had been set ablaze.

Mourning her friends passing, she wandered in the forests of the northern hemisphere before settling in a mountainous evergreen forest. It was beautiful, the way the trees stayed green season after season despite the frigid temperatures that would berate the area.

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