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Miki Astrophel



Miki Astrophel is a female Virtual Youtuber who streams multiple types of content, from song covers, games, to writing sessions. She is known as a survivalist for her avid adoration for life-and-death simulation games like Don't Starve, The Long Dark, and many more. She also shares her wisdom of linguistics and creative writing under her 'Stellar Scribblers' writing streams. As a creative writer, she made her first pilot episode of an original Choose-Your-Own-Story live stream called "In The Lights."

Her signature branding is her changing eras over 6-8 months. Not only is she a streamer, but she's also an advocate for fashion. There is always something to expect from her during these eras, like model design, song covers, lore streams, and more.

Lore Edit

Miki Astrophel is a celestial comet from 3 galaxies away from Milky Way. She lives on a planet called Milco until she ventures into multiple universes and finds herself lost on Earth. The space force assimilates her into human culture through literature, games, and pop culture. One day, she receives an unknown alien signal that alerts her of the tragedies in Milco. She must hurry to rescue her homeland before it is all too late.

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