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Rogue Red



Queen Rogue Red is a variety stream VTuber primarily streaming on Twitch, but regularly uploads vods and creative content on YouTube. Most of her content is in English, although she does plan on streaming in Filipino soon, and occasionally slips and curses in Korean and Japanese.

She has a penchant of playing horror games and jRPGs but has also created unique content on her channel such as "The Judgmental Zatsu", a Just Chatting format stream where she reads notorious Reddit posts and, usually with the viewers or a guest streamer, becomes "Judge, Jury, and Executioner" to the OP's situation. She is known for coming up with unique content and dedication to providing new and interesting streams.

She is currently the leader of the upcoming VIdol/VSinger group, "Cor Resonare", that does music covers of songs in English, Japanese, and Korean, and founder of "The VA Guild", a group of VTubers and Streamers aspiring or with a talent for voice-acting. She is currently planning on doing her own podcast with the Judgmental Zatsu as part of a segment, but has been privy about other details since her last announcement.

She is currently partnered with Epic Games and consistently promotes her code, ROGUERED, as an Epic Games Ambassador. She is also currently affiliated with Greenman Gaming.

Lore Edit

Waking up with barely any recollection of her past life, she found herself close to the scene as a certain Cosmic Fox Goddess started separating from her evil entity. She instinctively grabbed hold of the entity called, "Miho", and sent it back to the depths of the black hole she escaped from. Unsure of what her purpose is, she sets off to using her powers to closing time rifts and anomalies in space before evil monsters and creatures could take control of them, forging an eternal, sisterly bond with the Fox Goddess, Kumi, in the process. Frustrated with her lack of memories, she set forth, traveling through different alterations of time and deep recesses of the universe to find out how she came to be...only to find out that she was merely a defective succubus model among hundreds with the same likeness and image, tasked to do Cupid's bidding.

Angered by the horrible truth, she tried to go up against the relentless God of Desire...and failed. He locked her in a mental prison surrounded by planets filled with evil entities to keep her from escaping for years, not knowing that centuries of her traveling across dimensions had altered her powers and abilities from his other faithful subordinates. She rested inside her prison until her demonic leather wings fell off and were replaced with those akin of a phoenix, fueled by her rage and yearning to live and be free.

After many years, her power grew strong enough to break the mental sphere she was imprisoned in, her hair longer and her eyes now glowing a purple tinge--reminiscent of the galactic sky she always loved to fly in. Now, she basks in her freedom and continues to close rifts in time caused by her cosmic sister and the repercussions of evil demonic beings trying to take advantage of space and time to rule all others.

The Queen has risen from the ashes of her past and has taken flight to imprison those who dare to hurt those she cares about...stealing everyone's hearts in the process before her nemesis, Cupid, can.

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