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Kumi Stellari

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Kumi is a female Virtual Streamer who makes a variety of gaming content, including first person shooters like Valorant, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, as well as simulation shooters like Mechwarrior Online, and Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries. She also plays MOBA titles, including League of Legends and soon will be adding SMITE to her arsenal of games. Rounding out her gaming collection is a unique Battle Royale MOBA Survival game named Eternal Return.

Beyond her gaming content, she does enjoy sit-down-and-talk Just Chatting streams, where subjects range from the state of her own channel, to favorite stories of her past, her dreams for the distant future, and even the stories of other Vtubers in her circle. She also has held a few Karaoke streams, and plans to do more of those, as well as Art streams.

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Kumi is a Celestial Kitsune, one of the Origin Divinities of the universe. As such she was created when the universe came to be, with but one simple duty. She roams the cosmos, searching for that which she deems beautiful, collecting and cultivating it, and spreading it to be shared with the wider universe. Her goal is simply to decorate the cosmos and share the beauty she finds with all of creation. She collects stars, comets, nebula, and planets alike within the void of her tails, planting seeds of new stars and planets as she passes them by.

One day in her travels, she passed near a small planet, orbiting a small star, when she found something that surpassed every beauty she had discovered through time immemorial. This planet, with it's small creatures, goddesses and humans... It was full of love. Emotion was foreign to her, as most things were below her caring, but this... feeling, sparked and grew, and found a home in her own heart. She deemed it the most beautiful thing the universe had to offer, and changed herself to someone who could exist among these humans and goddesses alike, determined to cultivate this "love" and share it until it filled the entirety of space.

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