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Dezzi Oh

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Dezzi (She/They) is an Aroace Transfem Squirrel and comfy variety streamer who streams in English. They enjoy all sorts of games, but typically plays arcade shooters, and party games, usually with friends.

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Dezzi is a squirrel auspice* that takes a human-like form. Having lived over 1000 years, she gained heightened... intelligence(?), Immortality, and the ability to communicate with and control nature.

She tends the Autumn Grove as its guardian, an ethereal mass of autumn boughs that stretch on as far as the eye can see, as varied as any landscape. The trunks below descend into an endless void. Some trunks bright and teeming with life, some scarred and barren like their canopies. The grove is a manifestation of the collective experiences and relationships we forge in life.

Not so long ago, Dezzi began to feel a sense of complacency in her role as guardian. She naively believed the grove was in a state of self-sufficiency, able to tend to itself and heal. Sadly, her negligence proved to be the grove's downfall. One unassuming day, an ember of complacency and sloth began to fester within the grove as Dezzi dozed in the branches, starting a fire that quickly spread throughout the dry leaves, consuming. Dezzi tried to fight the flames as intense heat and powerful winds swept the blaze across the treetops. She stood by, defeated, and watched it burn, preparing to start again.

Feeling responsible for the disaster, Dezzi left the ruins of the grove on a journey of self-betterment, determined and resolute in her renewed efforts. One day, when the grove manifests and requires protection once again, she'll depart this mortal realm and reclaim the title of the Autumn Grove's sole guardian.

*An Auspice (Auspicious Beast) is an animal that has exceeded its lifespan by decades and achieved a sense of self. According to superstition, a beast who lives for decades exceeding its natural lifespan will obtain a whisper of spiritual power and a flicker of self-awareness. Those who live for one thousand years, however, gain a measure of divinity and power beyond man's understanding. Such beasts, having undergone a transformation legend calls "the change", are generally referred to as "auspices". Over the course of a thousand years, such creatures gradually amass a mystical strength, until one day they awaken to powers of divine magnitude. Auspices are considered deities in their own right, as awe-inspiring and respected as any god or goddess.

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