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PumpkinSynth and Pumpkin Nunessa



PumpkinSynth and her more evil alter ego, Pumpkin Nunessa, are newer Halloween Ghost VTubers on Twitch and Twitter who primarily plays single player retro games from the 90s and 00s. A chaotic girl who likes to dissect things and is very picky about what they do and don't like. Their biggest passion is retro survival horror games or newer survival horror games made in a similar vein. Her favorite video game is the remake of Resident Evil 1. Pumpkin is also an artist who recently has drawn many banners for other VTubers. She likes Seinen and Shounen manga. Some of her favorite series are Trigun, Yugioh, Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Berserk, and Hunter x Hunter. Her favorite movie is Alien. She likes Aggrotech, Darkwave, Visual Kei, Industrial, and Horrorsynth.

PumpkinSynth and Pumpkin Nunessa range from moderate to moderately high energy.


-As ghosts, they have extremely bad eyesight.

-They have a bit of a chronic cough that recently appeared

-Synths iconic weapon of choice is a red handled kitchen knife

-Nunessas iconic weapon of choice are long metal nails held in between her fingers

-Synth has a low sex drive compared to her other half

-Both are always present however only one can control their body at a time

-Due to being ghosts, their appearance is very flexible

-Obsessed with Feitan

Lore Edit

PumpkinSynth was once a human who passed away in her mid 20s. Cause of death unknown (Or is it?) Now she is a mischievous ghost who lives in Halloween City. While her body ghost form doesn't age, she is considered to be in her 30s. She is slightly above average height with a small chest. She is the chaotic neutral type & often acts like an annoying sibling to others. PumpkinSynth is a known DJ in Halloween City, only occasionally composing her own music. (Lore only) Mostly she seeks out thrills and fun with other ghouls.

In October, Pumpkin's spiritual strength increases infinitely and her ghost form changes, becoming a new entity known as Pumpkin Nunessa. However they are in fact the same person. Nunessa is taller and a more chaotic evil type that likes to cause destruction & mayhem which increases her power. Mostly other ghouls view this period as a major pain and work together to deal with her. She is a sadistic dominatrix sort and more sexual than Synth. Her name is a play on their real name they had when they were living. That name being Vanessa Hill. Only she is aware of their cause of death however she will not reveal the death to others.

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